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August 15, 2007 09:00 ET

Misconceptions Stand in the Way of Effective Hiring, According to Accounting Management Solutions

WALTHAM, MA--(Marketwire - August 15, 2007) - While hiring remains a daunting task for most organizations, they have no choice but to get it right if they want to thrive, but standing in the way for many are a number of myths about the hiring process, says Accounting Management Solutions, Inc. (AMS), New England's leading provider of outsourced accounting, financial management, and recruiting services.

AMS Director of Recruiting Services Jim Cote says the following myths are among the most common.

MYTH: We are attractive to all candidates.

REALITY: While you believe your company is a great place to work, candidates may have a different perspective. The right person for you might find the commute too long or may need more compensation.

MYTH: We know how to sell our company best.

REALITY: What you think makes your organization attractive may not be the candidate's idea of a great place to work. His or her skill set might fit your needs, but your company culture may not.

MYTH: We are good at interviewing.

REALITY: Many people tend to hire the candidate who interviews best, not the one who is the best fit for the job and company. So-called soft skills -- interpersonal, presentation, and writing -- are more important today than ever.

MYTH: Money rules.

REALITY: People who are early into their careers, with five-10 years of experience, tend to be very concerned about money. More experienced candidates know their value and are driven less by money and more by quality-of-life benefits.

MYTH: Older workers are not as reliable as younger people.

REALITY: The opposite is more often the case. Experienced workers have been proven to be more reliable, and, given their experience, less likely to make mistakes.

MYTH: The fourth quarter is a tough time to hire.

REALITY: People will do what's best for them if the right opportunity emerges.

MYTH: Recruiters are only out for the commission.

REALITY: Recruiters who only want to slot a body into a job with little regard for cultural fit between candidate and company don't tend to work with the same company too long. Companies get the best value from recruiters by working with the same ones over time. That way, the recruiter gets to know the company and can act as an objective sounding board for the hiring manager. Recruiters who are committed to placing the right people don't worry about the commissions, as business keeps flowing.

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