Missing Children Society of Canada

Missing Children Society of Canada

April 05, 2011 07:03 ET

Missing Children Society of Canada: Missing Children Society of Canada: $10,000 Reward Announced in Pearl Gavaghan Da Massa Case

MCSC reward for information marks missing child's 7th birthday

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 5, 2011) -

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Tomorrow, on April 6th, Pearl Gavaghan Da Massa will turn 7 years old. It has been over 2 years since the little girl vanished from the United Kingdom. It is believed that her alleged abductor brought her to Canada, and they were last seen in the Toronto, Ontario area. In an ongoing effort to encourage the public to come forward with information, the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) will officially announce at a press conference tomorrow a reward of $10,000 for any information leading to Pearl's whereabouts. The announcement coincides with Pearl's 7th birthday - a day that should be spent with family and friends – something that this little girl is being deprived of.

"Pearl is out there somewhere, and her well-being is in danger. Is she getting proper health care? Is she getting proper schooling? And psychologically, she's not experiencing what it's like to have a family and friends and a normal childhood. Her identity is not her own," explained Amanda Pick, Executive Director of MCSC. "Someone out there knows where Pearl is. We are offering them an opportunity to help her, and to collect a sizeable reward in return."

Pearl Rose Gavaghan Da Massa was taken by her mother, Helen Gavaghan, who had joint custody with the child's father, Henry Da Massa. Since December 9, 2008, Helen has been on the run with the child and hiding from authorities. There were sightings of them in Toronto last summer, but nothing since then. It is believed they are travelling across Canada or may cross into the United States. Helen may be using aliases of Dana Flaherty or Meta International. Pearl may be known as Belle Flaherty.

"Good intentioned people who are hiding Helen and Pearl are misguided in offering their assistance," added Dan Picken, a former police detective and an MCSC Investigator assisting in Pearl's case. "They might believe they are doing Helen a favour by hiding and transporting her to different locations – when in fact they are perpetuating the crime that has taken place; a parental abduction - and are depriving Pearl of a relationship with her father and family members. It's not the quality of life that a child needs and deserves."

Pearl's father, Henry Da Massa expressed, "After more than 2 years it is now more important than ever that Pearl be brought to a place of safety. We know that Pearl is already damaged by these events and she will be dealing with them for a long time to come. Anyone with information needs to come forward now before this becomes a greater tragedy."

Taking one step further, MCSC also released a message directly for the child's mother: 

"Helen, we encourage you to come forward and speak to us in confidence," said Pick. "There is an opportunity for you to come forward and make things right for Pearl. Please call me or call our investigator Dan Picken. Maybe together we can work things out."

Anyone with information can contact MCSC confidentially through their 24-hour toll-free TIP line at 1-800-661-6160 or by email at tips@mcsc.ca. The public can also contact the Toronto Police Service at (416) 808-5300. For details about the reward, visit MCSC's website at www.mcsc.ca.

10:00am, Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
Toronto Police Service - Head Quarters 


Amanda Pick travelled to Toronto in February to meet with Pearl's father, Henry Da Massa. A video blog by Amanda reflecting on the visit and the powerful experience can be found on our blog at:


Full Name:   Pearl Rose Gavaghan Da Massa
Alias:   Belle Flaherty
Date of Birth:   April 6, 2004
Current Age:   7 years
Eyes:   Green / Brown (Hazel) 
Hair:   Light brown, long, wavy  
Height:   110cm / 3'8"
Name:   Helen Gavaghan
Aliases:   Dana Flaherty, Meta International
Date of Birth :   June 14, 1977
Current Age :   33 years
Eyes :   Green/brown
Hair :   Black, long, straight
Height :   165cm / 5'5"
Helen may be wearing glasses and may have changed her hair colour and style and is known to wear wigs. She may offer unofficial childcare services. 



Since 1986, the Missing Children Society of Canada has been reuniting missing children with their searching families through professional investigations, public awareness and family support programs. MCSC's team of former police detectives and trained investigators work closely with law enforcement while conducting frontline, hands-on investigative and search activities.

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