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July 12, 2011 00:01 ET

Missionaries Travel to Africa With Donations From Gentle Dentistry

BUFFALO, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 12, 2011) - Gentle Dentistry of E. Aurora donates 500 toothbrushes to Sharon and Palmer Pisle to take with them in October along with 300 water filtration kits manufactured by Sawyer One, (originally designed for dialysis patients which filter out 99.99% of toxins), when they go on their 4th annual humanitarian mission to help the Ugandan people learn about proper hygiene.

The Pisles direct the Water Division of Global Aid Network (GAIN), a multi-national network of ministries helping needy people around the world through relief and development projects.

"In a country where 375 people a day die from ingesting impure water, these water filtration kits are literally life saving to the people of Uganda," says Palmer.

Most people of Uganda do not know they must have clean water to brush their teeth with and many have never even seen a toothbrush and must be taught how to use it every day.

Sharon Pisle explains how they teach about germs, "We have people moisten their hands, then we sprinkle glitter on them and have them shake hands with everyone. They see that the glitter spreads from person to person. We then have them try to get the glitter off of their hands with water only. It does not work. It comes off only when they use soap AND water."

Each $125.00 kit is paid for through donations made to GAIN. GAIN has a contract with the country of Uganda. Uganda pays $3.00 for the buckets that house the water filters. The people who use the filters do not own them. They are owned by a local clinic called "Noah's Ark."

The people using the filtrations kits may give the water away, but may not sell it. If they are found selling the water or not using the filter, the filters are taken away and given to someone who will use it.

The Pisle's have distributed 600 filtration kits in Uganda, which service about 5,000 people. "We have to be careful to make sure the filters WORK and the people KNOW how and WHY to use them. It's a constant struggle. The filter does not stop viruses, therefore we have to educate the people that while they may still get the flu and colds, they will be much better off with clean water," says Palmer.

"Africa is a place dear to me and we will always support anything that will help Africa. So, Gentle Dentistry is offering a FREE exam and X-ray to anyone who comes to either of our offices with a donation to GAIN," said Dr. Glassbrenner.

Donations can be made to:
Global Aid Network
871 Main St.
EA, NY 14052

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