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August 20, 2015 08:00 ET

Mississippi High School Activities Association Partners With X2 Biosystems and the Mind Matters Foundation to Launch Concussion Safety Pilot Program

Mississippi Targets Nation-wide Leadership in Concussion Safety and Injury Risk Reduction for High School Student Athletes

JACKSON, MS and SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - August 20, 2015) - The Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA) has launched a pioneering concussion safety pilot program during the 2015-2016 school year in partnership with X2 Biosystems and the Mind Matters Foundation. Mississippi high schools participating in the pilot program will be able to equip their student athletes with X2's "X-Patch" wearable impact sensors to enable monitoring of head impacts and concussion injury risks during athletic activities. Athletic training staff at participating high schools will also utilize X2's Integrated Concussion Evaluation ("ICE") iPad app to ensure comprehensive management of concussions that integrates baseline neurocognitive testing, post-injury assessments to support remove-from-play decisions, and recovery / return-to-play tracking and reporting.

Concussions have now become recognized as an enormous public health challenge, estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to account for close to $80 billion per year in the US alone in direct medical costs and loss of productivity. Close to 4 million sports-related concussions are diagnosed each year in the US, and it is estimated that as many, if not more, remain unreported and undiagnosed. The combined figures for military, civilian, and industrial concussions are estimated to be even higher.

The wide range of impairments to cognitive, motor, and sensory functions that can result from concussion injuries, and the fact that these impairments are often coupled with additional emotional and behavioral symptoms, have also become major public health concerns. With the introduction of youth concussion safety laws in all 50 states as of July 2014, and growing international support for similar legislation, organizations around the world face serious challenges in complying with concussion safety requirements and protecting the brain health of their athletes, soldiers, and workers. These challenges cannot be addressed without tools to support monitoring and management of head-impact events and the resulting concussion injury risks.

Don Hinton, Executive Director of the MHSAA, commented: "X2 Biosystems provides us with the most comprehensive and tested concussion management solution available to help monitor and reduce concussion injury risks for our student athletes, and to ensure documented compliance with all key elements of state concussion safety laws."

Mike Wilkinson, Chair of the MHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee expanded further: "X2's X-Patch wearable impact sensors will allow us for the first time to begin monitoring not only concussion injury risks due to individual impacts as they happen, but also the accumulated risks that we now know can arise due to repeated impacts over time."

The X2 platform is the first end-to-end concussion management solution that provides the complete continuum of care now being demanded by athletic, medical, military, and industrial markets, from baseline testing of an individual's neurocognitive performance, tracking their exposure to and injuries from head impacts, facilitating remove-from-play decision making, structuring recovery and return-to-play readiness, and tracking long term neurocognitive brain health.

X2's ICE iPad app equips athletic trainers with a convenient mobile tool that can be used on the sideline or in the training room to track and update each player's concussion history and symptoms, along with a cloud-based data storage, analytics, and reporting platform to ensure that parents, coaches, trainers, and medical professionals can collaborate efficiently to ensure the best possible care of student athletes. X2's wearable X-Patch impact sensors have now achieved unmatched levels of athletic and military testing around the world, and data being gathered from these devices is already contributing significantly to a more comprehensive understanding of how to diagnose, manage, and in many cases even reduce the incidence of concussions in youth athletics.

Chyna Ward, Executive Director of the Mind Matters Foundation, added: "During spring training trials that we conducted here in Mississippi with the Ole Miss and Oxford High School football teams, we were impressed by the ease-of-use of both the X-Patch wearable impact sensors and the ICE neurocognitive evaluation software. The X-Patch sensors also proved to be a powerful tool to reduce concussion injury risk by teaching safer training and playing techniques. X2's on-field testing across a wide range of youth, high-school, collegiate, and professional athletic activities makes it an ideal solution for the large numbers of student athletes for whom we are seeking to enhance concussion safety in Mississippi and neighboring states."

Baseline neurocognitive testing at Mississippi high schools using the X2 ICE iPad app, together with on-site X-Patch demo and training clinics, are planned throughout August as student athletes return to campus and prepare for the 2015-2016 athletic season. High schools and Sports Medicine providers participating in the program have expressed enthusiastic support for the pilot project.

"Gulfport High School students, parents, and school administration are all excited to have access to the same X2 sideline technology being used by professional sports leagues across North America and around the world, to implement more comprehensive concussion monitoring and management for our student athletes." -- Bryan Caldwell, Athletic Director, Gulfport High School.

"Hattiesburg High School is excited to participate in the Mississippi High School Concussion Safety Pilot Program. Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity, and the data collected in this pilot program will add to the existing body of knowledge and benefit student athletes in Mississippi and around the country for years to come." -- Cheyenne Trussell, Ph.D., Director of Athletics/Student Activities, Hattiesburg Public School District.

"The Clinton High School Athletic Department is very proud to be a partner and to participate in the Mississippi High School Concussion Safety Pilot Program with X2 Biosystems and the Mind Matters Foundation. This pilot program will help many athletic programs to better understand, recognize the signs and symptoms of, and provide the information we need to better manage and reduce the risks of concussions. We want to make sure that we protect our student athletes to the best of our abilities, and the 2015-2016 pilot program is a significant step in that direction." -- Dr. J. Clay Norton, Athletic Director, Clinton High School.

"X2 Biosystems and the Mind Matters Foundation are providing Booneville High School with an exciting opportunity to provide our student athletes with the benefits of a comprehensive concussion safety program that spans baseline testing of each athlete's neurocognitive performance, tracking their exposure to and injuries from head impacts, and thoroughly documented processes to support remove-from-play, recovery, and return-to-play decisions." -- Michael Smith, Athletic Director, Booneville High School.

"There is now a profound recognition here at Lewisburg High School and in high schools across Mississippi of the need to better protect young athletes from concussion injury risks, but also to do so in a manner that continues to support and promote participation in competitive sports. The Mississippi State High School Concussion Safety Pilot Program is a significant step in that direction, and we are thrilled to be participating alongside X2 Biosystems and the Mind Matters Foundation." -- Chris Fleming, Principal, Lewisburg High School.

"It is an honor for Cornerstone Rehabilitation to be one of two Sports Medicine providers in the state of Mississippi chosen to take part in this cutting edge technology pilot program. X2 Biosystems is without a doubt the leader in concussion recognition and management, as evidenced by their adoption within major professional sports in the US and around the world, the U.S. Army, sports medicine clinics, and numerous colleges and universities across the United States. We are proud to take part in this important effort to better ensure the safety of every student athlete." -- Steve Thompson, ATC, LAT, Owner, Cornerstone Rehabilitation.

John Ralston, X2 Biosystems' CEO, summarized: "The entire team here at X2 Biosystems is excited to have the opportunity to support Mississippi's High School Concussion Safety Pilot Program. Mississippi's pioneering efforts will help to accelerate state-wide rollouts of highly effective and economically viable concussion safety solutions for the tens of millions of young athletes who benefit in many important ways from participating in sporting activities, but at the same time are exposed to a wide variety of impact-related concussion risks."

The Mississippi High School Activities Association ( is a nonprofit, nondiscriminatory association, run by the secondary schools in the state of Mississippi to promote the welfare and relationships of the state's 530,000 public and parochial high school students. The Association is responsible for both academic and athletic extracurricular programs and competitions, as well as approximately 4,000 officials who are registered and certified through MHSAA clinics.

The Mind Matters Foundation ( is a private, not-for-profit corporation based in Oxford, MS, whose mission is to provide equipment, resources, education, and support for research focused on concussion prevention for young athletes. The Foundation has taken a leadership role in Mississippi and neighboring states to encourage implementation of an infrastructure for concussion risk management, including remove-from-play, recovery, and return-to-play protocols, research and education, so that young athletes may play smarter, play safer, and play longer.

X2 Biosystems ( Since 2010, X2 Biosystems (X2) has pioneered the development of wearable impact monitoring devices and portable neurocognitive assessment solutions to enable more accurate diagnoses and more comprehensive management of concussions. Product ease-of-use, together with extensive on-field, clinical, and lab testing, have attracted customers that now include major North American professional football, hockey, and soccer leagues, leading NCAA athletic programs, high school, youth, and club athletic teams across the US, state high school athletic associations, the US Army, leading sports medicine and clinical neurology organizations, and international rugby organizations in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa.

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