April 10, 2014 17:25 ET

MistAmerica Is Thrilled to Announce the Addition of the Mist360™ Swivel to Its Signature Mist360™ Product Line

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - April 10, 2014) - MistAmerica, a multi-award-winning innovator in outdoor cooling, shade and heating solutions is adding the Mist360™ Swivel to the Mist360™ family of outdoor cooling units.

Efficient and attractive, we created the Mist360™ to cool where others simply can't. Delivering cool air with flash evaporated mist, the energy and water efficient Mist360™ product line is unrivaled for the ability to cool outdoor spaces in both humid and arid climates.

Our Mist360™ line currently includes our original outdoor cooling units:

  • Mist360™ Max with 16 nozzles and a cool air broadcast of 30 to 40 feet
  • The Mist360™ Classic with 12 nozzles and a cool air broadcast of 15 to 20 feet
  • The Mist360™ Breeze with 10 nozzles and a cool air broadcast of 10 to 15 feet

Now, with the addition of the Mist360™ Swivel, we have the perfect cooling solution for your poolside Cabanas. 

  • Custom control options using a single pump.
  • Special mist nozzles will cool without wetting guests.
  • Replaces innefective ceiling fans using existing mounts and same 120V switch

About MistAmerica:

An innovator in outdoor comfort, MistAmerica's outdoor cooling systems lead the field in quality and effectiveness and are always on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. For over two decades, MistAmerica has pioneered groundbreaking and cost-effective mist, shade and heat products to create the perfect year-round outdoor atmosphere for businesses and homes worldwide.

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