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June 11, 2015 06:00 ET

MitoGenetics to Present at 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia

SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2015) - MitoGenetics, a biomedical research and development company, today announced that Marcia Hendrickson, president and chief executive officer, will present an overview of the company's technology and research at the 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, PA, June 15 - 18, during the Business Forum.

Hendrickson will share with her biotechnology peers MitoGenetics' primary focus -- developing technology to regulate the action of mitochondria. Through a series of breakthroughs in therapeutic strategies in human disease disorders, mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to diseases such as diabetes Type II, obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's and Parkinson's.

BIO International Convention is the world's largest biotechnology gathering; hosting thousands of organizations from a wide range of life science innovations and applications industries. It offers the discovery of new players in the industry, as well as emerging technologies. Attendees include high-level executives and influential decision makers in the biotechnology industry.

The Business Forum is an opportunity for companies to share and increase visibility of their story, pipelines, and objectives to a global audience representing over 60 countries.

MitoGenetics, founded in 2010, is focused on the research, development and refinement of biomedical technology, in particular primordial energy control and signaling systems regulating mitochondrial metabolism. The goal is to control mitochondrial energy balance via natural processes and dietary compounds for medicinal remedies.

"This is a great opportunity to share the progress of MitoGenetics to the biotechnology community," said Hendrickson. "I look forward to presenting our research and commitment to developing products that allow people to live longer, healthier lives."

MitoGenetics' presentation will take place during the Business Forum on June 18th at 2:30pm EDT in room Theater 1, 'Super Scientist.'

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About MitoGenetics
MitoGenetics, LLC was founded in 2010 by William P. Switzer, DVM, PhD, Dr. h.c. Dr. Switzer, elected to the Iowa Science Hall of Fame, now serves in the capacity of Chief Science Officer. The company's research projects are leading to major breakthroughs in therapeutic strategies for the treatment of human disorders that have been functionally linked to cellular mitochondrial dysfunction and pursuing research that will produce novel commercially viable products for human, plant and animal health.

MitoGenetics is operated by Val-Add Service Corp., a Sioux Falls, S.D., management firm that in the last several years has assisted in the development of many companies, including diagnostic products for diabetes monitoring.

Val-Add, and now MitoGenetics LLC, benefit from the extensive experience offered by its President and CEO, Ms. Marcia Hendrickson. Ms. Hendrickson represents as an individual with both business and scientific experience, providing insights designed to insure the Success of MitoGenetics. 

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