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June 16, 2009 09:00 ET

Mitratech Delivers Enterprise Grade e-Billing to Small Legal Departments

TeamConnect Express Offers Standalone e-Billing as Well as Core Matter Management

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2009) - Mitratech, the market and technology leader in collaborative accountability and legal operations management software, today announced the release of TeamConnect Express e-Billing , a new product which offers standalone legal e-billing functionality. TeamConnect Express e-Billing is the first in a new line of TeamConnect Express products that are intended to serve the needs of mid-market companies and small legal departments. The company also announced the availability of version 3.1 of its flagship TeamConnect Legal Suite, the matter management and legal operations management solution preferred by over one hundred of the Fortune 500.

"The TeamConnect Express concept is intended to bring the kind of collaborative accountability firepower that we typically offer to global enterprises into the realm of the smaller legal department and mid-sized organization," said Afshin Behnia, CEO of Mitratech. "Building on the tradition of superior performance that we are delivering today with TeamConnect version 3.1, TeamConnect Express enables the kind of cost efficiencies and strategic advantage typically enjoyed by much larger companies."

Helping Organizations Optimize Legal Spending

Managing legal matters, such as litigation and harassment complaints, can be costly and complex for a business. Large companies (more than $1 Billion in revenue) spend, on average, $31.5 million per year on legal defense,(1) and overall, American businesses spend over $252 billion defending and paying liability claims.(2) For small businesses, the legal threat is even more daunting. Mitratech's matter management and legal e-billing solutions enable these organizations to fight these challenges, cutting legal costs and optimizing legal operations.

TeamConnect Express is an e-billing solution that operates independently from the TeamConnect Legal Suite. It is Mitratech's first standalone e-billing product. With similar functionality to the Legal Suite's Collaborati Spend Management module, TeamConnect Express can integrate with matter management systems from other vendors, as well as custom-developed solutions. The product also contains a core matter management capability, which provides essential matter management processes without the need for customized setup and enables the software to function as a complete legal operations management solution for a smaller legal department. TeamConnect Express is offered exclusively on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis.

Augmenting the Functionality of Mitratech's Flagship TeamConnect Legal Suite

TeamConnect Enterprise, Version 3.1, also released today, delivers new features for international legal operations, vendor collaboration, searches and reporting, as well as improved usability, administration, and system performance. Developed based on extensive customer feedback and industry research, the new features further the ability of TeamConnect Legal Suite to power the highest levels of efficiency and economy in global legal operations. Version 3.1 includes support for international taxes, such as the EU's VAT and Canadian GSP tax, support for Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) 1998B International Version, the ability for law firms to report accrued billings, and the ability to run custom searches and export the results for reports. Mitratech also announced today the availability of Collaborati Spend Management version 3.1, and Collaborati Portal version 2.0. These updates provide enhanced e-billing functionality for legal departments and the law firms that serve them.

Extending TeamConnect's Technological Advantage

TeamConnect Legal Suite 3.1 has extended its support for Web Application Servers to include IBM Websphere Application Server 7.0, Red Hat JBOSS EAS 4.3, and has added support for the latest in database technology Oracle 11G and Microsoft SQL Server 2008. TeamConnect Legal Suite 3.1 now supports over 40 different application servers and versions, making it undisputedly the most open and interoperable legal solution in the industry today. Along with the performance improvements and extended high availability features, TeamConnect users can now enjoy even faster application response times as well as full session recovery in the event of system failure.

About Mitratech

Mitratech provides market-leading Collaborative Accountability Applications for businesses and their trusted partners. With team-oriented domain applications in legal process automation, governance, risk, compliance and security, Mitratech's TeamConnect Collaborative Accountability Suite improves transparency of financial reporting, reduces exposure to risk, and boosts operating discipline, information security and the efficiency of enterprise processes. The company's Collaborati browser application also meets the accountability and collaboration needs of proliferating extraprise teams, wherein vendors, partners and service providers often have to be included in sensitive teamwork projects such as electronic billing, litigation hold and collaborative budgeting, or those which expose businesses to liability.

Read CEO Afshin Behnia's blog post on this announcement.

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(2) Towers Perrin data - 2008

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