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February 28, 2012 08:00 ET

Mixamo and Flare3D Announce the Easiest Way to Get 3D in Your Flash 11 Project

The Newly Released Flare3D Studio and Mixamo's Online Animation Service Are Now Integrated Into a Smooth Workflow, Allowing Flash Developers to Easily Leverage the Stage 3D API and Its Capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2012) - Mixamo, the first online 3D animation service, today announced an integrated workflow solution with the recently released Flare3D Studio. This takes advantage of Adobe® Flash Player 11, which includes Stage3D, a low level API that has taken 3D on the browser to the next level by leveraging the capabilities of the modern hardware GPU.

"With the release of Stage3D, Adobe Flash Player is finally capable of handling the kind of GPU-accelerated 3D that Sherwood requires," says Gene Endrody, creator of Sherwood Dungeon. "Although Shockwave has performed well for us over the years, it's hard to argue with the plug-in penetration rates of Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player's ubiquity means removing the requirement to install a browser plug-in for most customers. This can effectively double the number of players and increase the number of potential distribution partners. It also opens up many next-generation 3D graphic features."

Flare3D Studio is a complete and easy to use 3D tool that allows Flash professionals to focus on creativity using an intuitive and user-friendly environment. With this tool, you can create your own custom materials in real time, drag & drop your 3D assets into the scene, and thanks to its own timeline, object transformations and material properties can be animated in the scene.

"Many Flash developers in the last few years have become more and more familiar with the usage of 3D assets. Switching pipelines from 2D to 3D assets has sped up the pace of design iterations, but most Flash developers still 'bake' the assets into 2D representations, which were handled more efficiently by the browser with Flash versions prior to 11," commented Mixamo CEO Stefano Corazza. "The combination of Adobe Flash Player 11, Flare3D studio, and Mixamo 3D content, full 3D games can now be run efficiently on the browser and can be designed directly in 3D with the help of Flare3D studio's user interface."

Mixamo online 3D animation service allows real-time creation of 3D character animations that are ready to be dragged and dropped into Flare3D IDE. This is possible through the Collada format developed by Mixamo which is cross-compatible with the most established Collada standards and has been adopted and tested by partners such as Flare3D, Adobe and Blender3d. Details of the workflow are provided in this Mixamo-Flare-Flash tutorial.

Mixamo service includes automatic rigging of character meshes, a large collection of characters and animation of all sorts and premium content derived from AAA games.

Mixamo also developed the first game using full 3D in Adobe Flash Player for Renren, one of the largest social network platforms in China. The game, developed using Flare3D, was launched as a major marketing campaign in December 2011 and it has successfully reached millions of users in China throughout the past Chinese New Year.

About Mixamo
Mixamo, Inc. is a Silicon Valley, VC-funded company founded by 3D pioneers Stefano Corazza, CEO, and Nazim Kareemi. Based on research from Stanford University's BioMotion lab, Mixamo offers the first online character animation service that provides game developers the power to customize and create professional-quality character animations at unprecedented speeds. Mixamo currently employs a team of outstanding animation and machine learning experts, 3D animators, software engineers and serial entrepreneurs from around the world.

For more information, please visit, or follow Mixamo on Twitter.

About Flare

Flare3D is an Argentine company that was born six years ago from the need to develop next-gen 3D applications for Adobe® Flash Player and Adobe® AIR. The engine was designed from the ground with workflow in mind by Ariel Nehmad (CTO). Nowadays Flare3D professional tools are being used by the major studios around the world for creating amazing 3D content for Adobe Flash Platform.

For more information, please visit, or follow Flare3D on Twitter.

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