September 09, 2009 07:55 ET

Mixx's New TweetMixx Breaks Through the Clutter to Bring Twitter Users Closer to Content That Matters Most

New Application Fetches Content Relevant to User, Unwraps Abbreviated Links, and Provides Conversation Platform to Make Twitter More Personalized and Robust

MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2009) - With hundreds of shortened URLs and obscure links shared every few seconds on Twitter, the hot social media Web site can inundate even the most seasoned user. TweetMixx (, a new application from Mixx™ announced today, allows anyone with a Twitter username to focus on just the content being shared by the people they are following, and to identify and fetch Tweets of interest to them from people they do not (and do not want to) follow -- whether they are on the topic of politics or food, Hollywood or neuroscience, or a little of each.

TweetMixx builds upon Mixx's philosophy of having customizable, relevant access to meaningful Web content in one centralized location. With TweetMixx, users can select key search terms and topics, and the application will cull relevant links for each user. Other features of TweetMixx include:

--  Deciphering, unwrapping, and summarizing of shortened URLs to easily
    identify topic of hyperlink
--  Weighting of Tweets -- both by retweets and what the user's followers
    are Tweeting
--  The ability to follow subject matters rather than only people
--  Topic fetching -- plug in topics of interest, and TweetMixx will
    retrieve and organize links being broadcast on those topics.  Users can get
    a consolidated view of all of their interests, or can drill down and focus
    on a specific interest
--  The ability to find the most popular links being shared, and the most
    popular trends being discussed on Twitter.

"Twitter, while a great social networking tool, is overflowing with information," said Chris McGill, CEO and founder, Mixx. "TweetMixx sifts through through the noise of Twitter chatter to extract and expand the links that your Twitter friends are sending out. There's no more wondering whether you should checkout an obscure link from someone after first reading about his ham sandwich at lunch. With TweetMixx, you will know that someone Tweeted a CNN link about Nancy Pelosi without wading through the entirety of status updates."

Building on Twitter's premise of content discovery, TweetMixx allows Twitter users to realize the social media site's potential by scanning each and every Tweet for links that match their interests and deliver relevant links directly to them -- saving time and effort in finding the pulse of the Web in topics of interest.

"Content discovery should be fun -- not arduous -- and for Mixx, we're happy to do the heavy lifting to bring users streamlined access to the news and information they want, and to proactively offer suggestions that they may find interesting," said McGill.

Launched 23 months ago, Mixx puts millions of monthly unique users in control of their own unique fusion of news stories, photos and videos. Integrated into highly popular information services such as,,,,,, along with thousands of blogs, Mixx lets users search and discover relevant media and interact within networks of people who share their common interests. Unlike the one-size-fits-all news recommendation sites that have fragmented audiences across the Web, Mixx facilitates diversity of interests among consumers of online media in one centralized location.

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