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January 23, 2007 07:04 ET


CORAL SPRINGS, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 23, 2007 --


CORAL SPRINGS, FL -- Jan 23, 2007 -- MJD Films, a subsidiary of Global Realty Development Corporation, (OTCBB: GRLY) today announced the execution of an agreement to create and promote the text messaging campaigns for the new movie "An African Tale", the first full length feature 3dh animated film.

Under the terms of the Agreement, MJD Films and SMS Text Media will launch the first of several campaigns in April 2007. This will be a worldwide text messaging campaign with the winners receiving a voice over role in the film. Animated Family Films, the producer of the film, plans on releasing this film in various countries with the native language being spoken, not subtitled. This will allow for the unique situation of having a different winner for each language. Additionally, since all the text messages are premium text messages, both MJD Films and Animated Family Films will financially benefit on a per text message basis.

Roy Sciacca, President of MJD stated, "We are pleased to have signed "An African Tale", we hope to be the first of many major film projects that MJD will create millions of dollars worth of publicity for without spending a dime. Instead, we give the production company the ability to earn money while gaining tremendous exposure for their film from millions of eyeballs around the world. This will also enhance their merchandising for the film. The exposure that the film will have prior to release, coupled with the chance for a winner from several different countries, should allow us to greatly subsidize the production budget and create quite a buzz in the industry."

Johan Sturm, President and CEO of Animated Family Films said, "We are delighted to be able to have millions of potential fans learn about the most unique animated film produced to date, prior to the release of our film. With a $40 MM production and advertising budget, "An African Tale" will be released in many different languages on a worldwide basis. We are confident that these text messaging campaigns will greatly enhance the value of our advertising dollars."

Aric Gastwirth, the President of SMS Text Media stated "We are thrilled to enter into our second project for text messaging campaigns with MJD Films. SMS Text Media has filed a Patent in Use for the film industry when it uses trailers in conjunction with text messaging campaigns. As we continue with successful campaigns, we are sure the industry will continue to realize the power and value of text messaging."

SMS and MMS messaging campaigns are the next wave of entertainment and brand marketing," stated Roy Sciacca. "The launch of MJD SMS enables us to garner early exposure for films, television shows and give-away campaigns for major brand name advertisers through one of the most direct channels in marketing -mobile phone screens."

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About Animated Family Films, Inc.

The team at Animated Family Films has produced and distributed various children's films including the acclaimed "Jungle Beat", distributed in over 36 countries and "Once Upon a Stable". In 2007 Animated will release "Tugger" starring James Belushi and Carrot Top, an animated film about a jeep who wants to fly.

"An African Tale"

The pre-production and production will be placed in the very capable hands of Sunrise Productions and Starburst animation out of Korea who has produced movies for Walt Disney and Warner Brothers. These two teams consist of approximately a 150 plus award winning designers which will unite in the complex animation creation process. The post-production consists of the delicate final touches of audio, sound effects and sound design. The award winning post-production team at DreamVision Studios will complete this process of the feature animation.

3dh Communications has a patented process for 3D HoloProjection T or 3D Holographic like images. "An African Tale" will be the first full feature film that can be viewed traditionally and in 3D without glasses.


MJD's full service text message marketing division, MJD SMS provides turnkey solutions for text messaging campaigns for both SMS and MMS applications. MJD SMS can also provide gross income per text to major television networks, television shows and network advertisers who provide content and/or mass marketing exposure for SMS campaigns. MJD SMS can also provide gross income per text to major web portals for mass marketing exposure. MJD SMS turnkey solutions and mass marketing capabilities can also be outsourced to major film studios, independent movie producers, broadband content providers and advertising clients for their text messaging campaigns.

MJD SMS is working with various potential joint venture partners to provide the next generation of SMS/MMS, including linguistics recognition, content streaming, G5 technology, voice recognition and various interactive capabilities.

The first MJD SMS endeavor was a one-of-a-kind text messaging- based campaign called, "Text Your Way to Stardom." The campaign offers the chance to win a feature role in MJD's upcoming film, "The Devil Exists" or a track on the soundtrack for the film.

About Global Realty Development Corp.

Global Realty Development Corp. (OTCBB: GRLY) is an international land development company operating through various real estate development subsidiaries. Global acquired MJD Films and the majority interest in the TFM Group and is focused on pursuing opportunities in the entertainment and gaming industry.

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