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March 23, 2011 07:00 ET

MMA Champion Georges St. Pierre Preps for Late April Fight With New Rip:60™ Training System

LOGAN, UT--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) - As the world champion mixed martial artist Georges St. Pierre prepares for his next fight -- UFC 129 -- on April 30 in Toronto, he'll be using the Rip:60™ trainer, an innovative new training tool that's affordable for everyone. 

The Rip:60™ system provides body weight training that allows for multi-planar movement and strength training, the ideal training partner for Georges St. Pierre's signature mixture of speed, explosive power and fight styles that include Kyokushin Karate, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

"You can't fake it in the ring. Put in the work, commit and get in the best shape of your life. Guaranteed," said Georges St. Pierre, known as GSP to his fans. "I train old school and Rip:60 is old school. I use Rip:60 in my training and it works."

The launch of Rip:60 is being celebrated with a contest that will award a pair of free tickets to UFC 129, round-trip plane tickets and two nights' hotel stay in Toronto. To enter the contest, go to and look for UFC 129 Sweepstakes page.

The Rip:60™ trainer uses gravity and body weight as resistance to get results in just 60 days, in less than 60 minutes a day. Unlike other body weight resistance products, the complete Rip:60™ system includes 60 days of progressive workouts in the form of 12 DVDs. 

The Rip:60™ training protocol emphasizes the "optimization zone," a new training modality fitness experts recommend. Each Rip:60™ workout DVD shows body angle positions for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Extreme body angles create a more intense, challenging workout, while smaller angles make the workout easier. The DVDs, created by Rip:60™ expert trainers, suggest if you feel fatigued during your last few reps, simply adjust your angle and keep moving

By maintaining the movement during those last vital reps, even if it means decreasing your workout intensity, your body stays in the Optimization Zone to maximize your calorie burn and increase your overall strength. This training modality is based on a recent study conductedby McMasters University of Canada, which states that the secret to building muscle is doing the reps until you reach muscle fatigue.

The clean, simple design of the Rip:60™ system has three main components that make it easy to get started -- and get results -- quickly.

The first is the Set-Up Strap, which allows the user to suspend body weight from the Rip:60™ system. The Set-Up Strap can be secured between a doorframe and closed door, for versatile indoor resistance. The Set-Up Strap also comes with a heavy-duty carabineer which can be clipped to a ceiling bracket (sold separately) or looped around a tree trunk, playground gym or fence to take fitness outdoors.

The Rip:60™ System Strap is a single, adjustable length of heavy-duty nylon that adjusts quickly during workouts to keep heart rate consistent and calorie burn optimal. The Rip:60™ System Strap adjusts so securely that the user can suspend just 5% of their body weight, fully lengthen the straps to suspend 100% of body weight, and work out within the whole range of body weight resistance. Cushioned, comfortable handles clip to the System Strap to create hundreds of exercises and multi-planar movement patterns.

The revolutionary Rip:60™ Connection is hardware that links the Set-Up Strap with the System Strap. This patent pending connection lets consumers use the Rip:60™ trainer with standard strap arm movement, and the choice to "pull the pin" on their workout to take it to a higher, harder level. By pulling the pin, the Rip:60™ System Straps move independently requiring more core strength, increased muscle contraction, greater balance, flexibility and stability.

The complete Rip:60™ system -- Set-Up Strap, System Straps and Connection hardware of aircraft-quality aluminum -- can support up to 600 pounds and are covered by a lifetime guarantee. The compact product weighs less than 5 pounds and stores in a small drawer.

Fitness experts routinely advise consumers to keep a workout fresh, add challenges, and mix it up. That's good advice, but most people want to accomplish that without continuous purchases of equipment. The Rip:60™ system provides an ongoing range of challenges for every exercise move. For example, a basic push-up could be easy when your body is in nearly a standing position. After you lengthen the Rip:60™ System Straps to get your body closer and more parallel to the floor, that same push-up becomes a tremendous challenge. 

The Rip:60™ system comes with a complete workout chart and eight weeks of progressive workout DVDs which build on the previous weeks' workouts. The Rip:60™ trainer comes with DVDs from Georges St. Pierre and Jillian Michaels, America's Toughest Trainer and star of NBC-TV's "The Biggest Loser." Two additional DVDs -- one for running and for yoga and Pilates -- are included in the initial purchase price. An eight-week healthy eating guide is part of the package. The entire Rip:60™ system can be stored in the included Rip:60™ backpack.

The Rip:60™ System for home fitness is $120 and is available at An upgraded unit is also available for health clubs and group exercise facilities.

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