SOURCE: The Brave New Workshop

October 16, 2012 09:17 ET

MN Viking Chris Kluwe Pursues a Debate on Marriage Amendment -- Who Will Step up?

Tom Barnard of KQRS to Moderate

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - Oct 16, 2012) -  Minnesota Viking Punter Chris Kluwe has sent out over ten letters to local politicians and proponents of the marriage amendment, asking for the opportunity for a public debate on Friday, October 19th, with local radio host Tom Barnard set as the moderator. The debate is set to take place at the Brave New Workshop who will adhere to their motto of Promiscuous Hostility, Positive Neutrality.

After State House Representative Mary Franson attacked Kluwe's character by categorizing him as an opponent for traditional values, his quest for a debate ensued. Debate invites have gone out to Representative Mary Franson, Keith Downey, Kurt Daudt, Mary Kiffmeyer, Steve Drazkowski, Steve Gottwalt and Senators Mike Perry, Kurt Bills, David Hann and Michelle Bachmann. In addition a request letter to Minnesotans For Marriage, the official committee supporting the marriage amendment, was sent to the attention of Chairman John Helmberger and Campaign Manager Andy Parrish.

"I would like to debate any and all politicians who are interested in passing the Minnesota marriage amendment so I can finally get a logical reason why we should discriminate against American citizens," said Chris Kluwe.

Date: Friday, October 19th, 2012
Time: 5pm
Location: The Brave New Workshop
  824 Hennepin Ave
  Minneapolis, MN 55415

Kluwe has been a vocal advocate for gay marriage and most recently has been speaking out against the proposed Marriage Amendment, defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. "I believe this proposed amendment to permanently change the Minnesota States Constitution, to take away the rights of same-sex-couples, is wrong," said Kluwe.

Kluwe believes that a debate is appropriate in the context that every person has the choice to voice their opinion, as long as it's not used to try and take away someone else's freedom. And it's perfectly acceptable to agree to disagree as long as those statements or viewpoints are designed to simply communicate your point of view. But it's wrong once one starts using your opinion to take away the humanity of others. 

It is Kluwe's desire that a proponent of the marriage amendment will agree to join him in a formal, professional and informative public debate, to discuss the facts and issues surrounding the proposed marriage amendment.

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