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March 24, 2011 07:00 ET

MNTrust-Investment Shares Rated 'AAAm' by Standard & Poor's

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - March 24, 2011) - MNTrust -- a comprehensive investment and cash management program for Minnesota school districts -- along with PMA Financial Network, Inc. (Fund administrator), Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. (Fund investment advisor) and PMA Securities, Inc. (Fund distributor) announced that the MNTrust-Investment Shares has been assigned the 'AAAm' principal stability fund rating by Standard and Poor's (S&P). The rating is the highest possible among money-market mutual funds and is based on S&P's analysis of the investment shares.

According to S&P's Fund Ratings Publication,

The 'AAAm' rating reflects the fund's extremely strong capacity to maintain principal stability and to limit exposure to principal losses due to credit risk. This is achieved through conservative investment practices and strict internal controls.1

The full S&P publication can be found here -

"Providing safety of principal, especially in difficult economic times, is vital to the success of Minnesota schools," said Mike English, President and Chief Executive Officer of Prudent Man Advisors, Inc. "As the adviser to MNTrust, we are pleased that this investment-grade rating reflects the strength of the pool."

About MNTrust
MNTrust, a joint powers agreement, is a comprehensive investment and cash management program for Minnesota school districts. For investing district funds, MNTrust offers participants a liquid money market portfolio called Investment Shares and a statute compliant Fixed Income Investment Program that allows school districts to purchase individual investments for their portfolio. The MNTrust portfolio easily accommodates same-day credit for direct deposit (ACH) of state aids and local taxes. Additional information is available at

About PMA Financial Network, Inc.
PMA Financial Network, Inc. is a leading provider of administration, financial advisory services and fixed rate investment program services to local government investment pools.

With billions of dollars invested annually, PMA provides over 1,350 clients with a diverse lineup of customized financial solutions through a team of experienced professionals and some of the most innovative technology available. PMA Financial Network, Inc. serves as an administrator for MNTrust. Prudent Man Advisors, Inc., serves as the Fund's investment advisor. Additional information is available at

(1) Guyna Johnson, "Fund Ratings - MNTrust-Investment Shares Rates 'AAAm,'" Standard & Poor's, © February 1, 2011. Reproduced with permission of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC.

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