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November 16, 2010 08:00 ET

Mobclix Real-Time Bidding Lets Advertisers Maximize Mobile Targeting & Performance

First-Ever Mobile Auction Model Gives Advertisers Complete Control Over Every Impression

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2010) - Mobclix (, a subsidiary of Velti, today announced the launch of the mobile industry's first supply-side platform for real-time bidding (RTB) of ad inventory. Now, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and RTB ad networks can bid for individual ad impressions in real-time, giving advertisers and agencies dramatically better targeting and increased performance. The RTB system will give publishers complete control over every impression so they can maximize revenue, monetize relevant audiences beyond typical strategies and achieve eCPM lifts of 40 to 85 percent over non-bidded inventory.

"The shift toward real-time bidding inventory is already happening online," says Krishna Subramanian, Mobclix co-founder. "A recent Mobclix survey of marketers and ad networks revealed that early adoption for RTB on mobile will garner more traction due to the success seen online. We expect total mobile inventory bought with RTB to be 10 to15 percent of total ad buys for 2011."

Expectations for the industry are high. Recently, a Google executive revealed that real-time transactions on the DoubleClick Exchange more than tripled in the past year, and predicted that at least 50 percent of all targeted online display advertising will be bought through real-time platforms by 2015. Real-time bidding is the market maker for display and search advertising; now the same advertisers can apply this technology to reach the mobile audience.

"Real-time Bidding has made a tremendous impact for our online publishers and advertisers in 2010," said Marc Theermann, Admeld vice president of Mobile. "We are thrilled that our partner Mobclix is as excited about RTB as we are, and together we are looking forward to making 2011 the year of RTB on mobile."

"Given the huge potential for mobile ads and the market opportunity they represent, [x+1] is excited to partner with Mobclix to bring the power of RTB capability to the mobile space," said John Nardone, [x+1] chairman and CEO. "Now we can continue to deliver on the promise of true multichannel marketing, delivering personalized, highly relevant content to consumers in an integrated fashion across digital channels -- via websites, display media, e-mail, video and mobile."

How Real-Time Bidding Changes the Game
Real-time integration and decision making exists between the serving systems. Rather than passing an impression off to the next system, the sell-side determines if the buyer wants to display that ad and how much they are willing to pay. Advertisers purchase these impressions from DSPs or ad networks. With auctions and delivery being processed almost instantaneously, and ad impressions being bid on individually, the likelihood the buyer gets access to the audience they want to reach increases dramatically.

Highlights of the Mobclix RTB Platform:

  • Publishers provide better performance and transparency to ad networks
  • DSPs can target across iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7
  • Competitive bidding increases demand for ad space optimization of real-time bidding using real-time conversion data
  • Existing ad network partners can continue to access the Mobclix exchange through standard audience targeting

Current Partners on the Mobclix RTB Platform:

  • Online Demand Platforms: [x+1], Admeld, RadiumOne, LucidMedia
  • Mobile Ad Networks: InMobi, Jumptap
  • Video Exchange: BrightRoll

Mobclix ( is the only real-time bidding mobile ad exchange that connects the best ads with the best apps -- every time. Mobclix was designed exclusively for the mobile market, enabling developers to make the most money possible and giving ad networks access to the most sought-after inventory on the market. Only Mobclix offers everything developers and ad networks need including access to premium apps and publishers, the highest fill rates in the industry, advanced targeting capabilities and one-on-one support.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Mobclix was founded in September 2008 and is a subsidiary of Velti (LSE: VEL) (AIM: VEL), a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology. Mobclix was a TechCrunch50 finalist, Seedcamp 2008 winner, two-time Always On Global Winner, and has won the coveted ad:tech Limelight award.

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