SOURCE: MobiClear Inc.

January 31, 2007 14:43 ET

MobiClear Now Cross Listed on Deutsche Börse - Germany - Europe

DOVE CANYON, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 31, 2007 -- MobiClear Inc. (OTCBB: MBIR) announced today that the company has cross listed MobiClear Inc. on Deutsche Börse in Germany, making it easier for Europeans to trade MobiClear shares.

MobiClear now actively trades on the NASD Over the Counter Bulletin Board under the ticker symbol MBIR and on Deutsche Börse under the ticker symbol B3CA.

Lim Wong, CEO and President of MobiClear Inc., stated: "We are very pleased with the cross listing of MobiClear on Deutsche Börse. This makes it easier for the growing numbers of Europeans who trades MobiClear shares."

About Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse has set itself the goal of enhancing the efficiency of the markets. With customized market structures, it creates the ideal conditions for issuers and investors alike. In this way, Deutsche Börse is able to optimally meet the growing requirements of a highly dynamic, international capital market.

Deutsche Börse Group is far more than a mere marketplace organizer for the trading in shares and other securities. It is a transaction services provider. With advanced technology it affords companies and investors access to global capital markets.

Deutsche Börse has a broader basis than any of its competitors. Its product and services portfolio covers the entire process chain: including securities and derivatives trading, transaction settlement, the provision of market information, as well as the development and operation of electronic trading systems. With its process-oriented business model, Deutsche Börse increases the efficiency of capital markets: issuers benefit from low capital costs; investors enjoy the advantages of high liquidity and low transaction costs.

More than 2,900 employees service customers in Europe, the USA and Asia. Deutsche Börse has locations in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and the USA, as well as representative offices in London, Paris, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai.

About MobiClear

MobiClear specializes in electronic Personal Identification Verification (PIV) solutions in connection with credit/debit card transactions. MobiClear's multi-gateway solution (U.S. patent pending) offers proactive security in all forms of electronic business environments including internet shopping, business-to-business procurement transactions and retail shopping with credit/debit cards.

Credit/debit card fraud on the Internet and in stores is increasing at an enormous rate. The estimated figure comes to USD 20 billion annually. And in the USA alone the level of credit/debit card fraud on the Internet and in stores is estimated to be USD 4 billon.

MobiClear's answer to the problem is a security and user-friendly identity solution that works right across the globe. And in addition MobiClear's identification service ensures safe and secure trade over the Internet, which in its turn helps to create more user satisfaction in both e-trade and invoice payments online.

MobiClear offers solutions and services that, MobiClear believes, virtually eliminate credit/debit card and electronic transaction fraud, completely securing these transactions. A unique feature of MobiClear's solutions is that end-users and customers do not need to learn any new behaviors or master new techniques.

MobiClear has an IBM PartnerWorld agreement within banking. The agreement covers marketing, technical and development support. IBM is one of the world-leading companies in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics.

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