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October 23, 2012 10:00 ET

Mobile App Users Get Lost Seeking Help, Study Shows

Nearly One-Third of Financial App Users Give Up Without Reaching Help, More Are Frustrated

AKRON, OH--(Marketwire - Oct 23, 2012) - According to a new study commissioned by Virtual Hold Technology® (VHT®), a world leader in conversation strategies that bridge the self-service gap between customers and the people who can help, 31% of smartphone financial app users say they hung up due to long hold times before speaking to customer service to solve their problem. Other consumers experienced dropped calls, disconnections or were unable to reach a customer service representative at a convenient time.

The study, conducted for VHT by The Adcom Group, investigates how customers engage with brands using smartphones. It takes a close look at consumers who use mobile apps to perform a variety of tasks in real time, the problems they encountered in completing those tasks and the behavior that results.

"When customers experience a problem or a roadblock with an app, they have to make a decision whether to give up, try again later or look for help elsewhere," said Eric Camulli, VHT's vice president of marketing.

 Most of the time, Camulli explained, these dead ends -- situations where app users encounter a problem they are unable to solve -- force users to exit the app and call customer service, while others use text, chat or email to reach customer service.

"Customers stranded in an app experience rising frustration, particularly when this experience is followed by delays in reaching customer service," Camulli said. "Our Conversation Bridge® solution allows customers using any internet-connected device to tap-for-a-callback from customer service, allowing a smooth transition from automated to human help."

VHT's intelligent multichannel callback solutions are integrated to include all of the customers' data, so customers do not have to start over, repeat information or wait on hold.

VHT's mobile conversation strategy, created for businesses that care about customer relationships and brand image, helps consumers achieve their goals more conveniently. The company's new Conversation Bridge is a simple, multichannel solution for blending automation with the human touch. It gives today's customers the help they need at key touch points so brand interactions are seamless and therefore more satisfying, and companies a simple and cost-effective tool for improving customer satisfaction.

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VHT's Conversation Bridge® is a simple solution with huge impact that provides customers a consistent experience no matter how they try to contact you. VHT's intelligent callback solutions prepare businesses for next-generation communications channels, such as mobile apps and internet-connected TV consoles, by enabling context data to be passed from these channels to existing routing and screen-pop systems. To learn more about how VHT can save your company money, optimize your customer interactions and transform your customer's experience, visit or email

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