August 15, 2012 16:26 ET

Mobile Art Takes Flight at Inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival

iPhoneography Artists Embrace Technology as Springboard for New Genre of Art

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2012) - Mobile technology is revolutionizing our way of looking at the arts. What began as just a fun diversion -- taking photos with your phone and playing with apps -- has turned into a new art form at the nexus of art and technology. Mobile art, or iPhoneography, brings old and new ideas together.

Smart phones and other handheld devices combined with easy-to-use software applications have transformed contemporary art forms in an important way, making them accessible to all. Mobile artists everywhere are creating and experimenting. The floodgates are open -- and a new art form is ready to be explored.

LA Mobile Arts Festival
The first years of the growing mobile arts movement come to a culmination with the inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival (LA-MAF), an eight-day event that will showcase the best in iPhoneography and other forms of mobile digital art. Hosted in Santa Monica, Calif., LA-MAF is the first-of-its-kind for the mobile arts and the largest mobile art event to date, featuring over 225 artists from over 30 countries and 25 U.S. states, exhibiting well over 600 images, sculptures, films and installations.

What makes LA-MAF unique.
Art + technology. The LA Mobile Arts Festival is a hybrid art gala, high tech extravaganza, and celebration of the mobile art movement around the world. LA-MAF pushes the boundaries of mobile devices and creative expression. Individual artists and collaborative installations will display the latest iPhone imagery as well as artists' workshops, gatherings, painting, sculpture, sound- and film-based works, all using state-of-the-art mobile software technology. That diversity of mobile art forms is what sets LA-MAF apart.

"Innovative, ever-evolving mobile devices have made it possible for everyone to try out the kind of visual software technology that only large production companies once used. It has created a new area, where the initial photo is not the end product but only the beginning. The real artistry comes from a long process of post-processing that results in a very different kind of work from traditional photography. So it really is a different medium -- not a new camera to be used to replace more traditional, high-end equipment, but a tool that enables artists to create a whole different kind of art." - Daria Polichetti, IPA co-founder and LA-MAF producer.

"The LA-MAF festival is an opportunity for artists of every persuasion to see the accomplishments of the first years of this new medium, and to get their own innovative work before a broader audience." - LA-MAF

"Our 'flying machine' imagery has become a mascot for this year's event. Flying machines may not be the most expected imagery for representing contemporary art, but then again, we see these artists as real pioneers: the Wright Brothers on the dunes of Kitty Hawk, learning how to fly." - Nathaniel Park, IPA co-founder and LA-MAF producer.

LA-MAF will showcase the latest and best in mobile technology and software applications. Sponsors include Autodesk, Diptic (Peak Systems), ArtRage, CODA Automotive, and Lantronix. 

Autodesk® Inc. provides a consumer portfolio to empower creative expression for everyone, at every skill level and across a range of platforms through its various apps.

Diptic mobile apps, created by Peak Systems, help mobile artists combine multiple photos and apply artistic affects to create exceptional photo collages.

ArtRage is a high-end painting app that provides brush options and capabilities beyond most painting apps available today.

Lantronix® Inc. provides the industry's first and only plug-and-print hardware solution for printing wirelessly from iPads, iPhones, or any Apple iOS device -- allowing artists to bypass the need to bring their images into Photoshop for printing.

CODA Automotive Inc. is partnering with the LA Mobile Arts Festival, offering one of its flagship electric vehicles, the 2012 CODA EV for a "mobile art car wrap." This will be CODA's first venture into mobile art, and LA-MAF's first-ever environmentally-friendly "car art wrap."

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