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July 09, 2014 15:43 ET

Mobile Campaign Exposure Results in Increased Intent to Apply for Health Insurance: Qriously

Brand Test on Enroll America Ads Shows Strong Lift in Intent to Apply for Insurance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 9, 2014) - A mobile advertising campaign increased the intent to apply for health insurance, Qriously announced today. Qriously, the opinion-targeted mobile ad company, ran the campaign on behalf of the Ad Council and Enroll America, a nonprofit focused on increasing the number of Americans who sign up for health insurance.

Qriously was asked to find 50,000 people currently without health insurance. By asking mobile app users "Why do you not have health insurance?," and offering as possible answers "Cost," "Complicated," and "Lack Info," Qriously found 53,327 people who offered one of those answers. When they answered, they were shown a banner ad for Enroll America. More than 40 percent of them clicked on that ad, for a 'Unique' Click-Through Rate, or uCTR, of 40.9%. Later in the campaign, Qriously conducted a control / exposed brand test designed to understand if the uninsured would seek health insurance. We asked, "Will you apply for health insurance?" This test revealed that exposure to that sequence -- question, answer then banner -- reduced the 'No's' from 62.34% to just under 50%, a positive shift of 24.21%. For those who answered 'Yes' the campaign raised intent to apply for health insurance by 43.56%.

"Qriously offered us a novel way to find our prospective customers -- in this case, uninsured Americans," said Enroll America Director of Marketing and Corporate Partnerships Martine Apodaca. "We're pleased that the campaign found so many of them, and that brand tests showed that the mobile campaign helped us against our goal of helping the uninsured to enroll in coverage."

"Asking people about their interests before showing them an ad is not just good manners," said Qriously North America GM and EVP of Commercial Development Joe Zahtila. "It's also good business. We're happy that our questions led to much greater engagement and interest, and are confident that many of the people we found have now signed up for health coverage. That benefits everyone."

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