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February 04, 2010 10:13 ET

Mobile Marketing Apps Will Outsell Games

"Does your company have a web site? Then there's a good chance, within three years, it will have added a mobile marketing app."

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 4, 2010) - Steve Sorge, CEO of Mobile Fringe has become a recognized spokesperson for the Canadian mobile app industry. Recently back from speaking to top hospitality professionals at the Online Revealed Conference, Sorge looks to help demystify mobile marketing to the business community.

Mobile Fringe developed for Cadillac Fairview, the much acclaimed Eaton Centre mobile marketing app. It is one of a series of mobile marketing apps developed by Mobile Fringe. Sorge has plotted a marketing plan for Mobile Fringe that focuses 100% upon business.

"We appreciate and like games," says Sorge. "But Mobile Fringe is all business."

The reason for this course of action, despite the huge success of games sold through the Apple App Store is a result of Sorge's vision of the future.

"Apple gets a lot of publicity stemming from the three billion apps that have been downloaded in 18 months," says Sorge. "But if you total all the apps within the Apple Store, plus those at RIM, Google and Palm, the number is 200,000, at best. That's not a lot. The growth potential is staggering.

Back in '95, many corporations, large and small were wondering whether they ought to develop a web site for their companies. Today that sounds unimaginable, but back then, websites were a novelty."

According to Sorge, the number of websites currently active in the United States is in excess of 100 million.

Sorge believes that within three years, most organizations will have their own marketing-oriented mobile app.

"If a company has a web site, then there's a good chance, within three years, it will have added a mobile app to its marketing arsenal," says Sorge. "That's why we are focused on business apps."

Sorge points to vertical markets, retailing, hotels and tourist destinations as the major benefactors of business-oriented mobile apps. These operations have location based marketing opportunities, with users looking for quick access to specific information.

"Too many business execs are staring at this new marketing tool trying to figure what it will look like, says Sorge. "Management can't focus on today, the target is 12 to 24 months down the road."

Speaking to top Canadian hospitality executives at the Online Revealed Conference in Montreal, Sorge emphasized "Now is the time to start developing your company's mobile app, not two years from now when those who have waited to see what the market looks like, will find themselves playing catch-up."

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