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April 01, 2014 07:00 ET

Mobile Personal Safety Solution Keeps Students & Business Professionals Safe

TapShield Technology Leverages Users' Smartphone, Adds Social Networking & Mobile Technologies to Improve Emergency Response by Up to 47 Percent

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - April 01, 2014) - From assaults and shootings, to fires and floods, many workplace or campus emergencies appear with little warning, yet demand immediate response. TapShield, the leader in mobile personal safety, today announced an enterprise-grade solution designed for college campuses and global enterprises that significantly expands the available data about public safety, and radically improves the detection and management of emergencies and crimes.

TapShield's cloud-based mobile safety platform is a low-cost and easy to integrate solution for campus police and corporate security departments. It enables more informed decisions and improves emergency response times by as much as 47 percent. For users, TapShield's technology turns smartphones into personalized mobile safety devices which, in an emergency, can instantly alert authorities or selected contacts, enable two-way communication, and send relevant details so help arrives more quickly and better prepared.

"The TapShield solution is easy to use and allows our dispatchers to quickly view GPS location and key caller information so emergency reporting is fast and efficient," said Chief Linda Stump of the University of Florida Police Department. "I believe this helps our department provide pervasive security in a way which resonates with our students."

In an emergency, the loss of a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death. Obtaining basic caller information can waste 2-3 valuable minutes, delaying a response. With TapShield, when a caller sends in an alert, dispatch centers have immediate access to the caller's relevant information such as precise GPS location, age, medical conditions, and photo ID. Users' personal information is not otherwise shared or stored anywhere.

"If CNN has breaking news about a global terror threat, TapShield lets businesses know which one of their executives or traveling employees might be in that area," said Jordan Johnson, TapShield CEO. "TapShield facilitates a real-time, two-way communication with employees anywhere in the world using devices they already own."

Improving Campus and Workplace Safety

TapShield is designed to meet the needs of students born in a digitally-connected world through the use of smartphone and social networking technologies. The TapShield Safe Campus solution is used by some of the largest colleges in the U.S., and allows campus officials to lower risk and provide students, faculty and staff with their own personalized safety device.

For the enterprise, organizations are beginning to leverage mobile technologies to provide more pervasive and ubiquitous security to their employees, whether they're working at the office, remotely or abroad. The TapShield Enterprise solution integrates with employees' smartphones to help businesses reduce risk by improving response to threats against employees and corporate assets.

Shield Command Incident Management System

Shield Command is a web-based incident management system where incoming alerts can be viewed and managed. Shield Command automatically displays the real-time GPS location and personal profile information of the user, allowing dispatchers to react faster and smarter. The portal also provides reverse-911 functionality, allowing dispatchers to send out emergency push notifications to all users.

TapShield App Features

The TapShield application is free and available on Android and iOS smartphones. It offers several unique features setting it apart from other personal safety solutions:

  • Silent Alarm -- TapShield is the only mobile safety application capable of sending a covert emergency alert without the user having to touch his/her smartphone. TapShield Yank™ uses advanced smartphone technology to issue an alert once the headphone or a Smart Dongle™ is pulled out of the device, instantly sending real-time GPS and caller info to authorities.
  • Never Alone -- Using TapShield Entourage™, users can alert their contacts when they depart one location for another location to ensure that they arrive safely. If the user does not arrive within the specified time, an alert is issued so emergency services can respond effectively.
  • Community-based Security -- TapShield is the only mobile app to crowd source emergency reporting and response, essentially expanding security forces into a pervasive, campus- or city-wide network of potential responders. SafeCircle™ allows users to see where other users are, and alerts relevant responders in the surrounding area as to whether their help is needed or whether they should evacuate the area.
  • Always Connected -- TapShield enables discreet, two-way communication between users and authorities through secure Voice Over IP (VoIP) during and after a crisis.

TapShield is the market leader in mobile personal safety. TapShield designs, develops and markets enterprise-grade mobile solutions designed for college campuses and global enterprises that significantly improve emergency alerting and response. Learn more at

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