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724 Solutions Inc.

September 20, 2005 09:03 ET

MobileIGNITE Members 724 Solutions and BridgePort Networks Showcase Complete Service Provider Based Mobility Solution for Microsoft's Live Communications Server 2005 at FallVON 2005

BOSTON--(CCNMatthews - Sep 20, 2005) -

BridgePort Networks and 724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX) (TSX:SVN), two MobileIGNITE members, will demonstrate a MobileVoIP solution that can bridge a person's mobile phone number identity, presence, phone calls and messaging to the user's desktop running Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client software, extending the reach of Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005. A demonstration of the joint solution on a live GSM mobile network using a roaming connection provided by MobileIGNITE member WorldCell is available at Fall VON 2005 at booth 334. MobileIGNITE is a collaboration of vendors and service providers working on open standards-based interoperability principles for MobileVoIP solutions that speed service provider time-to-market for converged services.

This announcement marks the successful integration and verified interoperability of the BridgePort Networks' NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway (NCG), and a 724 Solutions' Xtreme Mobility Suite-based product, currently code-named Golden Gate. The joint solution is ready for trial and may be installed in existing service provider networks to connect mobile services to the enterprise over the Internet.

Golden Gate leverages existing standards to provide an open, secure, massively scalable, and fault-tolerant multi-protocol access management server that extends the reach of value-added content services to existing wireless subscribers by enabling legacy subscribers to appear as part of the IMS/SIP network.

"This is a prime example of how the interoperability principles of MobileIGNITE Program using the open standards of SIP and SS7 can be used to rapidly integrate compelling MobileVoIP solutions," said Sanjay Jhawar, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of BridgePort Networks. "Our goal is to provide service providers a competitive advantage and minimize new services deployment risks by pre-integrating end-to-end solutions."

"We are excited about the opportunities of Mobile VoIP-based solutions for the consumer and enterprise marketplace," said Michael Luna, Chief Technology Officer of 724 Solutions. "Together, as part of the MobileIGNITE Program, 724 and BridgePort Networks we have taken a major step toward enabling our customers to leverage their existing services and subscribers in next generation IMS/SIP networks."

More specifically, the solution offers an innovative presence capability between the mobile phone and Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client that enables seamless registration between the mobile network and the Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 that is determined by the user's physical location. This provides a seamless bridge between enterprise and mobile services.

Calls and messages sent to a user's mobile phone number are delivered using SIP from the mobile provider via the Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 to Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client on the user's desktop. This includes SMS and MMS messages with pictures and video clips from camera phones sent to the user's mobile number. The opposite is also true, when users are mobile, IM and voice sessions to their Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 Client are delivered to their mobile phone.

SIP-Direct Connection Advantage

The user's outgoing calls and messages from the Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 client to other mobile users are delivered using a direct SIP connection to the mobile network for least-cost routing. This is done using standards-based call control protocols. In contrast, other solutions use more costly approaches that rely on PSTN call forwarding that fail to retain call control. By leveraging Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, desktop-initiated voice and messaging collaboration scenarios can now include mobile users and avoid the costs of PSTN connection to the mobile phone by using SIP and RTP to connect to the mobile provider. Additionally, the Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 integration with enterprise PBX environments can be leveraged to interwork the PBX with the mobile phone number delivering fixed-mobile convergence of incoming and outgoing calls made to either PBX or mobile phone number.

The joint solution is enabled by technology synergies between BridgePort Networks and 724 Solutions' product offerings.

-- BridgePort Networks NomadicONE NCG is providing single identity phone number management, mobile to SIP call control, short messaging, direct MSC and HLR access for mobility management integrated with the mobile provider's network, and HLR presence federation with the Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 using SS7 and SIP.

-- 724 Solutions' X-treme Mobility Suite-based Golden Gate includes an access management server that seamlessly bridges IMS/SIP based networks to data services in the macro-cellular networks, is providing advanced multimedia messaging and transcoding, authenticated mobile provider MMSC access and mobile phone presence federation with the Microsoft Live Communicators Server 2005 using the GSM USSD (unstructured supplementary services data) method and SIP.

Extends Access to Server and Reduces Cost to Enterprise

The combined solution offers mobile providers and MVNOs an enterprise mobility solution that fully extends the mobile phone number identity into the enterprise based or hosted Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005 environment reducing enterprise mobile telephony costs. As a result there is an increase in productivity and improved enterprise collaboration between office-based and mobile users without broadband access.

This solution is being demonstrated on a live GSM network and is also available for CDMA networks. To experience this demonstration, visit the BridgePort Networks' booth 334 during Fall VON September 20-22, 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts.

About BridgePort Networks

BridgePort Networks is the leader in MobileVoIP convergence -- combining the personalization and mobility of mobile phone services with the flexibility, innovation and outstanding cost economics of the rapidly growing VoIP sector. The core product, the NomadicONE Network Convergence Gateway (NCG), uses roaming technology to extend single identity phone number services over multiple access networks, including: mobile, cable, DSL and Wi-Fi. The NomadicONE NCG is a key component of an open standards partner ecosystem, the MobileIGNITE Program that comprises end-to-end solutions that improve the quality, coverage and cost of mobile service delivery and the mobility of VoIP services. BridgePort Networks is a global company, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more about BridgePort Networks visit: www.bridgeport-networks.com.

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About 724 Solutions

724 Solutions (NASDAQ:SVNX) (TSX:SVN) delivers reliable, scalable technology and solutions that allow mobile network operators to rapidly deploy flexible and open next generation IP-based network and data services. Additionally, in conjunction with mobile operator partners, the company provides a series of actionable alerting solutions to enterprises to assist them in lowering operating costs and improving customer relationship management. 724 Solutions is a global company with development operations in Canada and Switzerland with its corporate office in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, visit www.724.com.

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