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September 17, 2007 15:01 ET

MobileMonday Toronto to Address Growing Interest in Mobile Social Networking

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2007) - MobileMonday Toronto today announced that its next chapter meeting will feature a presentation from Tira Wireless focused on mobile social networking and the steps that can be taken to capitalize on the increasing popularity of this Mobile 2.0 phenomenon. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday, October 1 at the Fort York Armory at 6:30pm.

This MobileMonday presentation comes on the heels of a recent research study from M: Metrics, which revealed that 12.3 million consumers in the United States and Western Europe accessed a social networking site with their mobile device in June 2007. According to the study, the U.S. audience for mobile social networking sites was the largest with 7.5 million (3.5%) mobile subscribers. Countries that followed were Italy with 1.3 million (2.8%), the U.K. with 1.1 million (2.5%), Spain with 751,000 (2.3%) followed by Germany (1.9%) and France (1.7%).

While these research numbers reinforce the tremendous mobile opportunity for providers of social networking applications and content, the challenges of fragmentation along with the unique requirements of the mobile market have the potential to stall the quest for Mobile 2.0. To differentiate themselves in the crowded mobile market, handset manufacturers compete by integrating the most advanced features and capabilities into their innovative handset designs. Fragmentation is perhaps the largest barrier to opportunistic success in mobile social networking. Innovative features along with underlying differences in a phone's firmware versions, device specific APIs, memory management and graphics issues, device performance, localization, and operator specific requirements create fragmentation and a recipe for complexity before the first mobile 'poke' can even be made.

Matt Golden, SVP Corporate Development and Co-founder of Tira Wireless will share the simple yet highly effective steps that developers of social networking applications can take to ensure their applications will work on the hundreds of different device models that are in use in the market today. Attendees will also gain insights into the best practices, tips, tricks and strategies that can be embraced to bring social networking applications to the mobile realm.

"Creating mobile applications that work uniformly across multiple devices has always been the Holy Grail for adoption and growth of new mobile services, and will remain increasingly important as content providers rush to develop complementary mobile eco-systems to drive usage," explains MobileMonday Toronto co-founders Alexander S. Bosika and Jim Brown. "While popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube have designed specialized Mobile 2.0 applications for Apple's iPhone, local Toronto firms such as www.Peekamo.com have pursued this growing market agnostically with text messaging, which M:Metrics identified in their study as the most popular mobile application. Quite clearly, the market is ripe for growth and the battle lines are being drawn today."

"The mobile phone is undoubtedly the most prolific computing device available today, making it an ideal platform for social networking," said Matt Golden. "The challenge, however, is the complexity of bringing these community applications to the mobile market. Providing a rich and highly interactive environment for mobile social networking will serve to increase global adoption, but getting there is a daunting task. Our goal for this presentation is to help application developers and publishers navigate their way around the mobile ecosystem so they can capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead with Mobile 2.0."

The M: Metrics study also revealed that In the U.S. and the U.K., MySpace and Facebook were the top two social networking sites accessed via mobile. MySpace captured 3.7 million U.S. and 440,000 U.K. mobile users while Facebook attracted 2 million U.S. and 307,000 UK mobile users respectively. Even YouTube had a respectable 901,000 mobile visitors in the US while Bebo attracted 288,000 U.K. mobile users.

Tira Wireless will present at the next MobileMonday Toronto meeting on Monday October 1 at 6:30pm. No RSVP is required and attendance is open to everyone. Meetings are held on the first Monday each month (exceptions: holiday months) at the Fork York Armory (2nd Floor) located at 660 Fleet Street just west of Fort York Blvd. Free parking is available on Garrison Rd. (just left of the Armory entrance) and behind the Armory. The location is easily accessible by the TTC from Bathurst station. Google Map details can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/3c9pp4. For security reasons, attendees are asked to bring business cards for identification.

About MobileMonday Toronto

MobileMonday Toronto was co-founded by Alexander S. Bosika and Jim Brown and held its first meeting in June 2006. MobileMonday Toronto is one of 50+ chapters worldwide and is supported by the world's largest volunteer network of passionate mobile professionals committed to growth of the industry.

MobileMonday Toronto operates as a not-for-profit organization whose sole aim is to support the growth of the mobile industry in the Greater Toronto area and across Canada and to promote collaboration and business networking opportunities in a casual, friendly co-operative environment of like-minded professionals.

The first MobileMonday chapter was started by passionate mobile professionals in Helsinki, Finland in the year 2000 and operates its current website at www.mobilemonday.net. Each year, the Helsinki organization sponsors the Global Summit which invites all chapter co-founders to Helsinki HQ to discuss, share and collaborate. More information about Global Summit 2007 can be found here: http://www.mobilemonday.fi/event/global-summit-2007

MobileMonday Toronto is open to everyone interested in the mobile industry including telecom professionals, application developers, content creators, mobile startups, interactive agencies and many more.

About Tira Wireless

Tira Wireless provides application developers and content publishers with a unique combination of products, technology and services that greatly reduce the complexity of mobile deployment. By facilitating the development, porting, optimization, certification and delivery of titles for mobile consumption, Tira Wireless enables organizations such as Warner Bros., THQ Wireless, Yahoo, Accuweather and Loopt to more effectively embrace the mobile market. Founded in 2001, Tira Wireless is a venture-backed company headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toronto, London, Seattle and Ukraine. Visit www.tirawireless.com for more information.

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