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MobileRobots Inc

November 03, 2009 07:01 ET

MobileRobots New Build-a-Bot Robotic Base Makes Hospital, Lab & Factory Robots Easy

AMHERST, NH--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) - MobileRobots Inc proudly announces first shipment of its tenth robot model today: the new MT400 robotic "build-a-bot" base, powered by Motivity autonomy. MT400 is the first autonomous platform designed specifically to help integrators and OEMs quickly create service robots for hospitals, factories, labs and offices.

MT400 carries up to 90 lbs. through hospitals, factories, mailrooms, offices and laboratories. It saves time, reduces hazards, proves compliance and performs routine tasks reliably freeing nurses, assemblers, managers and technicians to focus on their work. MT400 can be used to: bring samples, remove hazardous waste, deliver mail, sense environmental characteristics, remotely monitor, track assets and more.

Says Project Manager Seth Dunten, "We started with our core technologies, proven over millions of miles, for reliability. Then we added: accessible ports for sensors and accessories, robust suspension and clearance for climbing onto elevators and up ramps, and quick-charge batteries for near-continuous operation and faster ROI."

MT400 relies on Motivity, also by MobileRobots, for its robot autonomy. Motorized devices with Motivity self-navigate within minutes of entering a building, using natural features. Unlike older mail carts that followed lines in the floor, Motivity systems travel anywhere permitted. Motivity avoids people and obstacles and seeks an alternative route if a corridor is blocked.

With Motivity, integrators and OEMs can create branded robot personalities. Hospital robots might intone, "Excuse me, please," to people blocking its path, using the voice of a popular TV physician. Factory robots might just honk.

Building and installing applications on MT400 with Motivity requires almost no robotics expertise. Users may operate Motivity platforms from: buttons onboard the robot, wirelessly networked PCs or even iPhones. Building security systems or factory automation systems can command MT400 too. To receive information or schedule an online demonstration of the MT400, contact, 603-881-7960 x108.

About MobileRobots Inc

MobileRobots Inc has sold thousands of robot platforms worldwide to customers including Amgen, BAE, CMU, Fujitsu, GM, H-P, Microsoft, MIT, NASA, Toyota and the US Army. In 1995, MobileRobots helped jumpstart robotics research advances with affordable, programmable Pioneer robots. Now MobileRobots also helps integrators and OEMs build service robot products with Motivity autonomy. MobileRobots operates from a 35,000 sq ft facility in Amherst, NH, 50 minutes north of Boston.

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