SOURCE: Mobilisa, Inc.

January 29, 2007 10:41 ET

Mobilisa Awarded $3.4 Million From U.S. Navy

PORT TOWNSEND, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 29, 2007 -- Mobilisa, Inc., a world's leader in mobile and wireless technology, received an additional $3.4 million to extend its Floating Area Network® (FAN) research and development project for the U.S. Navy.

FAN creates a connected and secure wireless network among naval ships traveling in a battle group without relying on the slower data speeds and the more expensive use of satellites.

"We successfully demonstrated FAN technology which will revolutionize ship-to-ship communications," said Dr. Nelson Ludlow, Mobilisa CEO. "We are very pleased with the Navy's decision to move forward from proof of concept to begin creating a fully deployable system for the U.S. Navy."

In 2005, Vice Admiral Greenert, U.S. Commander Seventh Fleet, sent out a list of his Top Ten Information Technology requirements. Included in the Top Ten list were "technologies such as intra-battle group wireless networks..., which make individual ships less dependant on the theater IP nodes, (and) are bandwidth multipliers for the near term," said Vice Admiral Greenert.

The Navy considers Mobilisa's FAN to be a bandwidth multiplier.

Mobilisa's new technology will allow naval ships to send emails, coordinate databases and provide video teleconference capability within the battlegroup at speeds of up to 100 times faster than before. Mobilisa and the Navy are in discussions to how to best build a military-grade product that could potentially be installed on all U.S. and coalition ships.

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