SOURCE: Mobilisa Inc.

April 10, 2007 16:27 ET

Mobilisa Experts Available for Comment on DEFENSE ID®

A Leader in Mobile and Wireless Technologies Offers Analysis of Device, Technology

WASHINGTON, DC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 10, 2007 --

Who: Recognized industry experts from Mobilisa Inc. are available for interviews.

Mr. Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Mobilisa Inc.

Dr. Nelson Ludlow is a retired Air Force officer who served as a fighter pilot, intelligence officer and Scientist. Dr. Ludlow has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and completed his Post-Doc in Computer Science at Cambridge, England. He was a Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School and dozens of his Masters and PhD students are now senior leaders of the U.S. military.

Mr. John Paxton, Chairman of the Board

Recently retired as the President of Zebra Technologies' Bar Code Business Unit, Mr. Paxton brings to Mobilisa 30 years of experience in the wireless networking field. Prior to joining Zebra, Mr. Paxton served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Telxon Corporation, President and Chief Executive Officer of Monarch Marking Systems, Executive Vice President of Paxar Corporation and President of Paxar's Printing Solutions Group.

Mr. Steve Williams, Senior Vice President of Business Development

A retired Air Force officer with 24 years of project operations and resource management experience. Mr. Williams has worked in Washington, DC, and in the Pentagon, as a Program Manager, Contracting Officer, Congressional Liaison and Public Affairs Manager at the highest levels of the Department of Defense and other government agencies.

What: DEFENSE ID®, an advanced ID card verification system, uses a mobile, handheld computer to support military security and law enforcement personnel and is used as a first line of defense for preventing unwanted access.

Mobilisa Inc. puts a ruggedized PDA with a bar code and magnetic stripe reader in the hands of officers and guards. The information that is scanned from an identity card is compared to over 140+ databases of individuals who are wanted for criminal offenses or are barred from certain military installations. DEFENSE ID® provides technology and services for real time authentication of identification documents provided at any point of entry or inspection. The system works with existing military and government ID cards and therefore requires no need to issue or create a special ID card, a major cost savings to the government.

The system has helped security personnel identify and prevent over 10,000 unauthorized individuals from gaining entry onto military installations.

A commercial version of the system also scans drivers' licenses and passports. DEFENSE ID® has a wide range of civilian applications from preventing ID fraud at banks, to validating ID cards and producing manifests in transportation industry, and to giving law enforcement officials a handheld tool that can instantly check wants and warrants.

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