SOURCE: Mobilisa Inc.

March 11, 2008 12:22 ET

Mobilisa Joins the Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - March 11, 2008) - The Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs) announced Mobilisa, Inc. ("Mobilisa" or the "Company") as its newest coalition board member. The mission of FiXs is to establish and maintain a worldwide, interoperable identity and cross-credentialing network built on security, privacy, trust, standard operating rules, policies and technical standards.

"As an innovative identity systems company, we are always striving to develop the latest new technology solutions for our customers," said Dr. Nelson Ludlow, CEO of Mobilisa. "Our mix of new technologies, proven security methods, and sound business practices provide a leading line of identity and access control products. We are very excited to join this distinguished coalition."

FiXs is a coalition of commercial companies, government contractors, and not-for-profit organizations whose mission is to establish and maintain a worldwide, interoperable identity and cross-credentialing network. The FiXs network verifies and authenticates the identity of personnel seeking to enter U.S. military installations and other government-controlled areas, as well as commercial sites tied to the network. FiXs's federation includes more than twenty members, including systems integrators, financial institutions, and other organizations that promote improved workforce protection and systems security for critical infrastructure.

"We are pleased to have Mobilisa, a leader in security and identification documents, join our distinguished board," said Dr. Michael Mestrovich, President of FiXs. "I am confident that Mobilisa will play a significant role in contributing to the execution of our group-wide initiatives and future strategy."

Mobilisa's Defense ID system is a popular product with military security. Over 50 Military installations use its rugged, handheld scanners to quickly and accurately read identification cards presented at points of entry. The information read from the identification cards is instantaneously compared to over 100+ databases of individuals who are wanted for criminal offenses or who are otherwise barred from military installations. Bases utilizing the system do not need to issue or create special badges because Defense ID converts existing ID cards (US and Canadian Drivers Licenses and other Government-issued IDs) into a visitors pass, which has major cost saving advantages.

Previously Announced Agreement with Intelli-Check, Inc.

Mobilisa and Intelli-Check (AMEX: IDN) have announced an agreement to combine the two companies.

For more information about Intelli-Check, visit or call toll free 1.800.444.9542.

For more information about Mobilisa, visit, or call toll free 1.877.7MOBILISA.

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