SOURCE: Mobilisa Inc.

September 10, 2007 10:00 ET

Mobilisa Launches m4100 Management Console

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - September 10, 2007) - Mobilisa today announces a new product, the m4100 Defense ID® Management Console, an integral web-based interface to control and manage the family of Defense ID® products that provide a complete integrated ID card security system.

The m4100 provides management control of overall system settings and provides dozens of reporting functions such as IDs scanned by time, guard, location or incident type, including expired, lost, or stolen ID cards, and Persons of Interest on "Be-On-the-Look-Out" (BOLO) or terrorist watch lists.

The m4100 Defense ID® Management Console is the latest-generation management and reporting system in the m4000 product line. The new system has the same easy navigation of the m4000 product but with significant new and enhanced features.

The m4100 Management Console new features include:

--  Visitor Log Report to display scanned ID cards and result status
--  Improved search capabilities and drill-down reporting by date, time,
    guard, location, incident type, or card
--  Enterprise System provides real-time reporting and statistics for
    multiple locations across the globe
--  Additional privacy features to protect sensitive information
--  New BOLO management feature allows facilities to enter in their own
    persons of interest
--  Mobile device capability so managers can review statistics over a

Defense ID® products that the m4100 works in tandem with include: M2100 Agent Hanheld, M2500 Sentry Handheld and M3000 Visitor/Vendor Processing Station. In addition, Mobilisa offers a full-line of product accessories and professional services of site-survey, installation and training, comprehensive and extended product warranties, and on-site and 24/7/365 help-desk support.

When an ID card is scanned using Defense ID® the information is compared to over 100+ databases of individuals who are wanted for criminal offenses or are barred from installations. The Defense ID® system works with military IDs, U.S. and Canadian Drivers Licenses and other ID cards and therefore does not require an organization to issue special badges, a major cost savings. Defense ID® is credited in preventing nearly 25,000 unauthorized individuals from gaining entry onto government installations.

Previously Announced Agreement with Intelli-Check, Inc.

Mobilisa and Intelli-Check, Inc. (AMEX: IDN), the acknowledged leader in drivers license reading technology, recently announced an agreement to combine the two companies.

For more information about Intelli-check, visit or call 1.800.444.9542. For more information about Mobilisa, visit, email or call toll free 1.877.766.2454.

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