July 12, 2013 05:00 ET

MobiWards™ by BigTime Set to Change Loyalty Programs, as We Know Them

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - July 12, 2013) - BigTime, the global boutique firm of mobile marketing, announced today that it has launched its brand new Customer Satisfaction Program for Mobile Network Operators; MobiWards™.

MobiWards™ is a cutting edge Customer Satisfaction Program designed for Mobile Network Operators to deliver Loyalty, Reduce Churn, increase ROI/ARPU but most importantly to enhance customer satisfaction. The MobiWards™ program experience is based on a customer-centric approach that focuses on personalized customer/user interaction, delivering customized content and overall experience.

Dimitris Papazisis, Chief Executive Officer of BigTime said, "We have spent a lot of time to explore and research ideas along with innovations that would lead us to the designing of a whole new customer experience service; a holistic and a fulfilling one. MobiWards™ comes to change the Loyalty Programs' philosophy, at least the way we all know it up to now. It changes the way mobile operators think about rewarding their users; the way mobile operators think about loyalty programs but above all, it changes the way users experience a customer satisfaction program. MobiWards™ is a concept breakthrough, a totally new point of view of how loyalty programs are not to be designed in first place just to create loyalty but designed to achieve customer satisfaction that results to happy users - and happy users mean loyal customers. What matters is the experience of the service and how it makes someone feel; the emotional engagement level we reach with MobiWards™ mandates a whole new era in mobile marketing. The authenticity of the service manifests through its simplicity and ability to ignite customer emotions that lead to bonding and stickiness between the mobile operator brand and the customer/user. The way we think about customers has now changed. Customers are not just numbers or spenders/buyers; they are humans with emotions always maintaining the luxury of choice. MobiWards™ cannot impose any choice but it can ignite feelings that speak only of one choice. MobiWards™ for mobile operators comes into 2 versions; the Lite and the full-blown version of the program, depending on the country we are targeting, the mobile operator and the market (emerging or developed market)."

About BigTime

BigTime is a leading mobile marketing boutique firm, providing innovative 'mobile marketing' products and services. BigTime is a global provider of innovative mobile marketing products and services. It creates entertaining and involving campaigns for mobile network operators and media groups; stimulating the dialogue between the user and the mobile carrier. BigTime campaigns attract more subscribers, generate revenue and promote loyalty to network operators. The generation of detailed usage data that BigTime produce helps operators to accurately quantify the effects of their mobile marketing campaigns and profile their customers. The result is users who get more out of their mobile phones - and operators who feel more in tune with their subscribers. Comprising top-notch industry professionals with the experience and insight required to devise mobile marketing programs that make a difference, BigTime supports mobile operators throughout the marketing lifecycle - from program design through implementation to campaign analysis.

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