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Mobolize, Inc.

February 20, 2016 12:00 ET

Mobolize Extends Mobile Data Protection App with Malware Protection, Introduces iOS Version

Free Demo Downloads Available for MWC Journalists; "The Best Location For Mobile Security is On the Mobile Device Itself"

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - February 20, 2016) - Mobile World Congress -- Mobolize today announced that its Mobile Data Protection app is now available on iOS. It also announced Safe Web, a new module added to its Android app, that automatically identifies and blocks malicious websites; plus an upgraded user interface that provides usage and protection details, along with keeping score on data savings.

"The best location for mobile security is on the mobile device itself," said Will Chow, Mobolize CTO. "Mobolize pioneered strengthening security services on Android by being entirely resident on the mobile platform, and we're now offering protection on Apple devices."

Malware Blocking Available for Android

Mobolize Safe Web is a new module in the Android version of the Mobolize app that automatically identifies and blocks malware. It prevents users from visiting websites known to harbor viruses or phishing attacks. It automatically identifies the site to the user, identifies the security issue and blocks access. It operates entirely on the smartphone, with no cloud services required at all.

To improve the user experience, Mobolize redesigned the app's user interface with an easy to use dashboard that tracks secure sessions and sites. It will provide the level and status of protection, including the number of Wi-Fi sessions secured and malware sites blocked, along with the amount of data protected. 

Mobolize on Android also includes the Secure Wi-Fi module which automatically encrypts data when users connect to unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots.

It also includes Data Doubler, which protects users from wasted data and money by providing data savings of up to 50 percent, including streaming video, the biggest threat to users' monthly bills. This allows the user to more efficiently manage their data plan by lowering data consumption for video's high data use.

Data Doubler also prevents video stalling so users enjoy uninterrupted content while maintaining high video quality. Because Data Doubler runs entirely on the phone, there is no cloud service required, as with competing approaches.

These mobile data protection modules all run on a common platform, in the form of a single app, making it easy for partners to package the features they want.

Secure Wi-Fi for iOS

Mobolize is also announcing today that its app now supports iOS, with the first available module being Secure Wi-Fi.

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi automatically detects when a public Wi-Fi hotspot is unsafe. It immediately starts encrypting and protecting data on unsecured networks, making private information inaccessible to data thieves.

The app only runs when needed on unsecured Wi-Fi networks and stops when the user switches to cellular or secure Wi-Fi. This automatic switching results in no unnecessary slowdown or battery burn.

Mobolize will add additional data protection modules to the iOS version of their app as they are developed.

"Our unique location on the mobile device is the safest and best place to be for security applications," said Chow. "That is where the user makes requests for data, and Mobolize can see everything that happens on the device. It is ground zero for security."

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