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February 24, 2011 06:12 ET

Mocha Media Releases New Album ACUSTICO by KI for Worldwide Distribution

LOS ANGELES, CA and SANTIAGO, CHILE--(Marketwire - February 24, 2011) - Chilean pop rockers Gustavo Figueroa and Felipe Flandez are the musical genius of KI (pronounced 'Key'). The pop duo came together in Santiago, Chile in 2010 to form a new band after having worked together in RAIZA for over 4 years. Figueroa and Flandez wanted to stay close to their musical roots in Latin Rock/Funk, adding a little "pop-positivo," or positive-pop to their sound. The name of the band, KI, comes from a term in the traditional Chinese culture, "Qi," an active principle forming part of any living thing. It is frequently translated as "energy flow." They "Latinized" the concept of Qi to derive "KI" giving it their own meaning, Latino energy. The essence of KI's music is positive, uplifting, refreshing, and good natured -- qualities that are often lacking in the voices, sounds, and lyrics of music today.

KI's first album, Acústico was developed as a concept project while producing KI's commercial album "Latino" in Los Angeles. Executive Producer & Manager, Alfonso E. Chávez (Berklee '98) was working with Gustavo & Felipe on the pre-production of Latino when he was inspired to produce an acoustic album including some of the songs they were working on for the larger production. Gustavo and Felipe performed acoustic sets of the songs they had written for the album "Latino," and after several performances, and listening to the great improvisations of both artists, the music started taking a life of its own. We all knew that we wanted to share these recordings with our friends and family and enjoy the essence of the performances "Qi." AKI vamos!

We invite you to listen to the music of KI and to share in the positive uplifting energy that brings out your Latino KI: You can also visit our website:

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