November 05, 2013 11:12 ET

Modern Treatment Methods Give New Hope to People Struggling With Addiction

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 5, 2013) - Addiction treatment methods have changed significantly over the years, as researchers have expanded our knowledge of how addictive behaviors develop. Treatment specialists now realize addiction is a complex condition, affecting a person's behavior and their medical, psychological, familial and interpersonal health.

Revelations about the complex nature of addiction make it clear: Successful treatment depends upon a comprehensive approach that recognizes all contributing factors. Relapse rates for addiction hover between 40 and 60 percent; however, modern evidence-based therapies are highly effective for achieving long-term recovery.

One of the most effective modern addiction therapies is cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps people identify how their thoughts and beliefs influence behaviors, and then helps them replace destructive behaviors with healthy ones. Considerable data also support the community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) approach, which relies on positive reinforcement from family and friends for effective addiction treatment.

Addiction treatment is far from a one-size-fits-all proposition. For a treatment plan to be effective, it must be tailored to meet the individual's needs. is a newly launched website aimed at helping addicts and their loved ones find the most effective personalized treatment programs. Visitors can contact a counselor via the toll-free number listed on the site, or they can fill out a form to request a call back from a rehab consultant.

Callers to RehabHotline can expect to answer a series of questions about the addicted individual's history with substance abuse and addiction treatment, physical and mental health, and personal beliefs. The answers allow the referral specialist to form an accurate picture of the individual's unique treatment needs in order to refer him or her to the appropriate program.

Caller Norma P. says, "Our son, Kyle, was heavily involved in methamphetamine and had been to jail and different rehab programs many times over, but nothing ever changed -- he always relapsed, and his drug use would get worse each time. Thank goodness we eventually found, because I really believe they helped save his life."

Researching treatment methods of top-rated programs is a time-consuming chore that delays the onset of treatment. allows those struggling with addiction an opportunity to speak with an unbiased referral specialist who can recommend programs across the U.S. and start treatment immediately.

About is a non-profit rehab referral and placement service located on the West Coast and staffed by trained counselors. It is free to call RehabHotline and speak to a counselor about your own or a loved one's struggle with chemical dependence, personalized treatment options, and what to expect from the treatment process itself. Callers can also take advantage of a free benefits check to find programs that accept their insurance. helps hundreds of people get help for addiction each month. Visit to learn more.