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August 23, 2012 09:00 ET

Modernizing Medicine's EMA Dermatology Receives an Exclusive 10-Year Endorsement From Inga Ellzey and the Inga Ellzey Practice Group

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - Modernizing Medicine, the creator of the Electronic Medical Assistant™ (EMA), a cloud-based specialty-specific EMR application, announced today that EMA Dermatology has received an exclusive 10-year endorsement from Inga Ellzey and the Inga Ellzey Practice Group, Inc. (IEPG), the leader in dermatology coding and billing.

Modernizing Medicine's user-friendly EMA Dermatology adapts to each provider's unique style of practice and integrates seamlessly into the practice's workflow. EMA Dermatology saves physicians and their staff time as it comes with built-in medical knowledge, features keyboard-less entry and has the ability to generate medical history in a matter of seconds, as well as notes, billing, prescriptions, patient handouts and encounter forms. In two years, Modernizing Medicine has captured over 10% of the dermatology market and its EMA applications are currently used by over 550 specialty-specific healthcare practices across the country.

IEPG is the only national consulting organization in the United States that specializes specifically in dermatology. As Modernizing Medicine continues to grow, Inga Ellzey has agreed to provide ongoing assistance in updating EMA Dermatology with her billing and coding recommendations.

"The IEPG team is very impressed with EMA Dermatology, and we are proud to support Modernizing Medicine as they lead the way in creating a strong EMR specifically for dermatologists," said Inga Ellzey. "Modernizing Medicine is finding ways to make what can be an extremely complex process, much easier and more efficient, and we're excited to lend our knowledge and experience to their team as they strive to create the best EMR for dermatologists today."

"Our relationship with Inga and IEPG is a testament to our commitment to dermatology and proper medical coding," said Michael Sherling, Modernizing Medicine's Chief Medical Officer and practicing dermatologist. "With the new documentation and coding requirements to justify medical necessity, EMA Dermatology will continue to strive to provide our clients with the latest coding algorithms and peace of mind."

About Modernizing Medicine
Modernizing Medicine is delivering the next generation of electronic medical records (EMR) technology for the healthcare industry. Our product, Electronic Medical Assistant™ (EMA), is a cloud-based specialty-specific EMR with a tremendous amount of medical content already built-in that saves physicians time. Available as a native iPad application or from any web-enabled Mac or PC, EMA adapts to each provider's unique style of practice and is designed to interface with over 400 different practice management systems. Today, Modernizing Medicine provides specialty-specific offerings for the dermatology, ophthalmology, and optometry markets, and to more than 550 practices across the country.

About Inga Ellzey Practice Group
The Inga Ellzey Practice Group is the only national consulting organization in the United States specializing in dermatology. IEPG prides itself in providing unparalleled advice, support and services to dermatology practices around the nation. IEPG is a member of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association, American Health Information Management Association and is rated by Dunn and Bradstreet.

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