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July 30, 2012 11:14 ET

Modular Probe System Addresses Multiple Challenges While Protecting Investment

Cascade Microtech Incorporates Knowledge of Probing Into Multiple Application-Specific Probe Solutions to Deliver the Highest Level of Measurement Accuracy While Future-Proofing Investment

BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwire - Jul 30, 2012) - Cascade Microtech, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCD), a leading expert at enabling precision measurements of integrated circuits at the wafer level, today introduced its modular MPS150 manual probe station with six application-specific packages dedicated to enabling high-accuracy measurements using best-known methods in RF, mmW, and I-V/C-V measurement, failure analysis, and high-power device characterization. Purposefully engineered with upgradeability in mind, both the base platform and the system packages are scalable to adapt to emerging and future measurement requirements.

In research labs and at universities, probe equipment is used for multiple projects across organizations to address varying requirements depending upon the application. Test setups can change frequently as different teams access the probe equipment, and process owners need the ability to quickly reset their original test setup. While some test scenarios may focus on calibration and others on ensuring the shortest possible measurement path, the biggest challenge in a shared lab is measurement repeatability.

To achieve accurate and repeatable measurement results in the shortest time with maximum confidence, Cascade Microtech identified six key application areas, and addressed these challenges with pre-configured packages dedicated to specific measurement applications. The application-focused probing solutions are comprised of everything needed to confidently test and measure devices on-wafer and beyond.

Each application package is based on the stable, yet compact, MPS150 system platform design that offers a rigid microscope bridge and solid station frame, and a built-in vibration-isolation solution for superior vibration attenuation. The design protects contact quality over measurement time, ensuring high measurement accuracy. The backlash-free X-Y-Z movement of probe positioners, integrated platform planarization, and a contact separation drive with 1 µm repeatability enable precise probe placement and contact repeatability comparable to semi-automatic systems. All systems are easy to set up, with an ergonomic and straightforward design for comfortable and simple operation.

Cascade Microtech's mmW package offers the shortest signal path to the device under test, resulting in the highest dynamic range and directivity, and is suited for probing up to THz frequencies. The RF package incorporates proven methods for RF probing up to 67 GHz, with the ability to probe pads as small as 25 µm x 35 µm and beyond. Both RF and mmW packages come with WinCalXE™ on-wafer calibration software, enabling superior calibration and easy operation.

For I-V/C-V measurement, Cascade Microtech incorporates best-known methods in its coax solution for DC parametric test down to pA levels. The triax package is dedicated to low-noise I-V/C-V measurements, enabling I-V measurements down to fA levels, and C-V investigations down to fF levels. The power device characterization solution addresses precise, high-voltage probing of power MOSFET, IGBT, BJT and other power devices at breakdown voltages up to 3,000 V (triaxial) / 10,000 V (coaxial), and high-current probing up to 100 A with a dedicated triaxial chuck for lowest on-state resistance and low leakage. And lastly, the failure analysis solution incorporates best-known methods for electrical failure verification, localization and debug, with the ability to probe features smaller than 1 µm.

"With over 25 years of experience and a legacy of quality engineering, our team has built a scalable platform that takes the guesswork out of calibration and delivers consistently accurate measurement," said Michael Burger, President and CEO, Cascade Microtech, Inc. "With the economic MPS150 probe platform and its application-specific options incorporating our knowledge of probing into the design of each system, every operator can confidently deliver consistent results, no matter their level of expertise."

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