November 21, 2013 11:15 ET

Mogl Launches New Mobile App That Allows You to Fight Hunger With Hunger When You Eat Out

Company Has Donated More Than 550,000 Meals and Facilitated Over 1,000,000 Transactions Since Launch

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 21, 2013) - Mogl, the restaurant rewards program with a mission to fight hunger in America, today launches a new version of its app and business model designed to make it incredibly simple for people to donate money to local food banks by eating at the restaurants they already love, or when discovering new favorites. Mogl is available as an iOS app on the Apple iTunes App Store, for Android in the Google Play Store, and via the web.

Mogl members earn 10% cash-back when they pay with their linked debit or credit card at thousands of participating restaurants. When members pay, they're notified in real time of their cash reward, and can choose to donate some, or all of that cash back to a local food bank. The donation is instant, facilitated by a partnership with VISA to support real time processing of transactions. As soon as the member pays, they instantly know how much cash-back they've earned via an alert on their phone.

Mogl 2.0 also features a Hunger Tracker for each city, so members can follow along as they "fight hunger with hunger" in cities across America.

How Mogl works:

  • Sign up on or download the iPhone or Android app
  • Link any debit and/or credit card, eat out, and use that card to pay
  • Earn 10% cash-back -- in real time -- then choose how much to donate
  • Every 20 cents donated equals one meal

Mogl has also partnered with Virgin Unite, the independent charitable arm of the Virgin Group. 10% of all donations will go towards finding sustainable and profitable solutions to the world's hunger problem. 

"Mogl is using business as a force for good," said Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Unite and long-time Mogl endorser. Other endorsers of Mogl and their fight against hunger include Golfer Phil Mickelson, Entrepreneur and Author of Abundance, Peter Diamandis, Co-founder of Movember, Adam Garone and many more.

The Fight Against Hunger
The number of Americans suffering from hunger has grown to over 50M people, including one in five children. The previous Mogl model, launched in 2010, donated a meal every time a user spent $20 at a Mogl participating restaurant. It worked well: Mogl has donated over 550,000 meals giving users over $3.5M in cash back. But, against the backdrop of such a massive hunger problem, CEO and Co-founder Jon Carder felt compelled to do more. So, he rebooted the company to focus on giving back on a larger scale.

"Once people learn about how bad the hunger problem has gotten in America, they want to help, but they don't necessarily have extra time or money," said Carder. "We've made it easy for people to help out by doing something they're already doing: eating out. We have always admired the social entrepreneurship model where you can use business to try to solve one of the world's problems. What TOMS is for shoes, Mogl is for food."

Mogl 2.0: The App
Using Mogl 2.0 is easy. Every time a person purchases a meal at a Mogl participating restaurant, they earn 10% cashback instantly. Then, they can choose how much of that cash to keep and how much to donate to their local food bank. Every 20 cents donated equals one meal. This unbelievably low cost comes thanks to the food donations from corporate manufacturers and farmers and the volunteers time sorting and delivering.

The Mogl app allows people to find nearby Mogl restaurants, check number of donations, compete with friends on both cash-back earned and meals donated, and track the fight against hunger in their city.

A Win for Restaurants
Mogl combines the best elements of local search with a rewards program and focus on philanthropy, making it a unique opportunity for restaurants. Mogl helps restaurants acquire new customers by promoting them within the app and website, and drives repeat business through its rewards program; Mogl guests eat at restaurants over the course of a year 44.9% more per month on average.

Nationwide Expansion:
Mogl is live right now in California and Arizona, and is quickly expanding to other cities across the United States. Cities that do not have Mogl can demand it. Once 100 users and 5 restaurants join Mogl will go live, partner with a local food bank for donations and launch the Hunger tracker.

Mogl stats:

  • $3.5M in cash-back and 550,000 meals donated
  • Live in California and Arizona, nationwide expansion starts today
  • Mogl guests spend on average 44.9% more when dining out

"This is a win, win, win," continued Carder. "Restaurants increase their profits, consumers earn cash-back and give back to their city, and those who face hunger can get the help they need."

For more information and to download Mogl today, please visit

About Mogl:
Based in San Diego, Calif., Mogl is on a mission to fight hunger with hunger. The hunger problem in America now affects over 50 million people including 1 in 5 children. It's simple to give back to those in need by doing something we are already doing -- eating out. With Mogl, you can help those in need right in your city just by dining out. Members simply link their own debit or credit card, use it to pay at 1000s of restaurants and earn cash-back. Members are notified within minutes that they earned cash-back. Then, with a swipe of their finger they get to choose how much to keep and how much to donate to fight hunger in their city. To date, more than 550,000 meals have been donated to members' local food banks. Mogl was Co-Founded in 2010 by Jon Carder, Jarrod Cuzens and Jeff Federman. To learn more, visit or download the Mogl app for iPhone or Android. Connect with MoglApp on Facebook or Twitter.

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