May 05, 2008 16:00 ET

Mo'Jiva Launches Integrated Mobile Advertising Platform, Bringing Mobile Media 2.0 With It

Self-Service Mobile Advertising Platform and Design Studio Simplifies Going Mobile for Advertisers, Publishers, and Advertising Agencies

MORGANVILLE, NJ--(Marketwire - May 5, 2008) - Mo'Jiva, a new self-service Mobile Advertising Delivery Toolkit that launched today, greatly simplifies the creation and delivery of location-based hyper-targeted contextual mobile ads. Mo'Jiva serves the next generation of mobile media with a focus on Brand Management and Premium Mobile Marketing. The feature rich suite includes an Integrated Self-Service Location-Based Mobile Ad Delivery toolkit, Wizard-Style Page Builder, Real-Time Reporting and Mobile Campaign Management.

"At its core, Mo'Jiva is a self-service mobile advertising suite capable of delivering billions of highly targeted, relevant, interactive contextual advertisements. Our Publisher Solutions and Mobile Design studio are in place to help online publishers, bloggers, and content providers -- anyone on the web -- to quickly and easily go mobile and monetize their content. We are here to usher in and serve the next generation of mobile media," explained Dan Goikhman, Mo'Jiva's Business Development Officer.

Mo'Jiva delivers a platform that's primarily easy to use, quick to set up and plugs in smartly. "With a carefully designed backend system, location based targeting and real-time reporting capabilities, it is intelligent, lightweight, and mobile clients love it," says Krishna Arvapally, Chief Technology Officer of Mo'Jiva.

"This market feels like déjà-vu all over again," said Miles Spencer of Vaux les Ventures, the angel group that gave Mo'Jiva its start. "Like the online ad market a decade ago, we have content producers needing to 'mobilize' and advertisers or their agencies looking to effectively manage their growing mobile campaigns and strategies in one place. Someone had to tie it all together. What the guys at Mo'Jiva have built is complex under the hood, but simple on top -- just the things we like to back financially."

Via both its mobile design shop that helps clients incorporate a mobile presence by creating high-quality interactive mobile content pages and its mobile advertising platform, Mo'Jiva delivers a full-service location-based mobile advertising solution for end-users (self-service advertisers), publishers, and advertising agencies alike.

About Mo'Jiva

Mo'Jiva is a super-easy, one-stop solution for advertisers and publishers who want to break into the mobile advertising market. It's simple to use, simple to manage and gives unprecedented accuracy and control over mobile campaigns. The Mo'Jiva Self-Service Ad Delivery toolkit allows advertisers to create efficient mobile campaigns and deploy mobile-compatible landing pages on-the-fly to promote their products and services. Clients enjoy the ability to effectively reach a specific audience via a number of targeting capabilities including location-based technologies, device characteristics, time and content & context. Mo'Jiva publishers effectively monetize their mobile content by displaying premium mobile ads, while partner brands and advertising agencies deliver meaningful, integrated mobile advertising campaigns through the mobile design studio and the fantastically-simple, full-service campaign management suite.

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