SOURCE: Mold Inspection and Testing

July 16, 2013 23:06 ET

Mold Inspection & Testing Now Serving Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2013) - Mold Inspection & Testing | MI&T is one of the largest and most trusted test only mold inspection companies in the United States. MI&T serves over 30 major metro areas and is proud to announce that it is now serving all of Minneapolis and surrounding areas. All inspectors working under the MI&T operate without a conflict of interest, meaning they do NOT take part in the mold removal process. This is the most important thing to note when choosing a mold inspector. Doing so will make sure the inspection you get is unbiased and honest.

MI&T, the largest and most trusted mold inspection company in the nation is now offering its services to all of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With growing concerns about indoor mold growth possibly causing health problems, the residents of Minneapolis can now rely on the services of one of the few test only companies servicing multiple major cities throughout the United States. There has been a growing awareness about the conflict of interest that exists when a restoration company provides a mold inspection. So much in fact that ABC News recently did a story about it this exact topic and brought in 7 inspectors to check a house that did not have a mold problem. It was no coincidence that the 3 inspectors that lied and said there was a mold problem also offered their service for an expensive remediation shortly after.

There definitely are restoration companies that offer honest inspections, but when you have access to inspectors that operate without a conflict of interest like MI&T why would you choose to put yourself in that situation? Now the residents of Minneapolis have this type of service available and can get expert advice from the experts at MI&T in their own backyard. A basic inspection from MI&T includes 2 air samples, the first is taken outside and serves as a control, the second is taken from inside near the area of greatest concern. Comparing these two samples will determine one way or the other whether or not elevated conditions exist at the property. It also includes a full visual check with use of tools like moisture meter to identify any red flag areas like water intrusion, excess moisture, or visible growth. If any of this is found additional samples are recommended at $75 each; either air or surface.

Anything past the initial two is up to the customer whether they want it taken and submitted or not. Clients with elevated conditions are given a detailed report letting them know how to fix the problems.

If you are concerned about the possibility of indoor mold negatively impacting your indoor air quality, visit MI&T's website or give them a call with any questions or to setup an appointment.