SOURCE: Moll Industries, Inc.

June 30, 2008 07:00 ET

Moll Continues Significant Facility Investments

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - June 30, 2008) - Moll Industries, Inc., which recently announced construction of a 100K Clean Room operation in its Empalme, MX, facility, has announced expansion of its Seagrove, NC, facility. The expansion is expected to be completed in late July.

Juan Resendez, COO, said this is a planned expansion within one of the 3 buildings in the Moll-Seagrove complex. Resendez went on to say, "This represents capital investment exceeding $2,000,000 and is a solid indicator of how serious we are about growing this segment of our business. The Seagrove Operation has a solid operations team which delivers consistent quality on-time. We are confident this investment will make this operation even more attractive to our current and future customers. As a corporation we feel having medical molding capability in three countries -- United States, Mexico and Ireland -- will allow us to meet global demand for this ever growing market segment."

Conan Miller, Corporate Director of Asset Management, said the 1000 sq. ft. expansion of an existing clean room was required to handle new medical component work which demanded larger electric molding machines than are currently available in Seagrove. Miller went on to say, "In addition to increasing the size of a Class 100K clean room, there are upgrades to the facility's HVAC, additional through-wall conveyors to reduce movement within the clean room, upgrading a gowning room for a separate controlled environment assembly room, and increasing the size of a break room."

Miller indicated Moll is purchasing 3 new Toshiba 390 ton electric machines, and the automation, auxiliary and machines combine to an average of approximately $440,000 per work cell. Moll-Seagrove currently operates 40 injection molding machines ranging 33 to 500 ton, with four 100K Clean Rooms, one 10K Clean Room and two controlled environment rooms within the multi-building complex. Moll-Seagrove currently employees 142 and will add an additional 12 people as the new work comes on-line. Consumer and food industry parts round out the facility's largely medical molding offerings.

With operations in Empalme & Ramos, MX; Seagrove & Lexington, NC; and Donegal, Ireland, Moll maintains 142 machines from 22 to 1450 tons. Moll primarily services the medical, appliance, industrial and automotive markets and employs approximately 560 people worldwide. Moll Industries is owned by Highland Capital Management of Dallas, TX. For more information contact Conan Miller,

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