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Molson Canada

March 25, 2009 11:59 ET

Molson and its Employees Make a Commitment to Sustainable Development

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 25, 2009) - On the strength of the results of its Energy Conservation Program, Molson is bolstering its commitment to sustainable development by focusing on increased employee awareness with the help of three initiatives: Defi Climat, Earth Hour and its second Energy Efficiency Week.

In recent years, Molson has embraced sustainable practices and, as a result, has greatly reduced its energy consumption (per hectolitre produced). Since 2006, the company has cut its natural gas use by 9%, electricity by 9% and water by 12%. In 2009, Molson intends to further reduce its overall energy use by 5%, prorated to production, with its sweeping Energy Conservation Program. This program is focused on creating a company culture where environmental stewardship is a constant priority for all employees.

"We believe our employees are the primary agents of change, and that's why we are continuing to educate them about the tangible impact of their contribution to making our world a healthier place. Many energy reduction measures have already been implemented at the suggestion of our employees," said Daniel Pelland, Molson's Chief Brewing Officer.

Highlighting Molson's energy conservation efforts this year is the involvement of its employees in the following initiatives:

Defi Climat (

Defi Climat is a climate awareness campaign. Held in March and April, the employees and students of more than 260 Montreal and Quebec City organizations and businesses are urged to commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In support of this initiative, Molson has created a special calendar of activities to inspire employee engagement, including most notably a keynote presentation for employees by Emmanuelle Gehin, who is one of 250 Canadians trained by former US vice-president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore on climate change issues. Ms. Gehin is also head of OZONE, a Montreal communications firm specializing in sustainable development and "green" marketing.

Earth Hour 2009 (

For a second consecutive year, all of Molson's facilities across Canada will turn off non-essential lights on Saturday, March 28, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in support of Earth Hour. This global initiative calls on individuals and businesses around the world to turn off their lights and show their support for taking action on climate change.

Energy Efficiency Week

On April 20, Molson is launching its second-annual Energy Efficiency Week at all its breweries across Canada. A complete program of events, including guest speakers and volunteering activities with environmental organizations, will raise awareness among Molson's brewery employees on the importance of joining the collective effort to protect our planet's resources.

Molson also targets environmental efficiency at every stage of the brewing process:

- No harmful chemicals are released into the air or water;

- Carbon dioxide released during fermentation is collected and reused in the carbonation process;

- Spent grains are sold to local farmers for livestock feed or fertilizer;

- 98% of beer industry bottles and 83% of cans are returned to points of sale by consumers; and

- Industry bottles are reused 15 to 20 times, after which they are sold to glass manufacturers.

"The production of beer is dependent on high-quality raw materials such as water, hops and malted barley. Molson has been producing quality beer for 223 years, and our future depends on the availability and the quality of these valuable natural resources," Pelland added.

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