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Molson Canada

November 12, 2008 13:05 ET

Molson Comes to Aid of Street Youth

Montreal brewer donates $20 000 to L'Itineraire community organization

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 12, 2008) -

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Montreal's Molson brewery today donated an amount of $20 000 to L'Itinéraire. The amount has been earmarked for the development of special video production and journalism training for street youth between the ages of 18 and 30. The Molson donation is further supported by a volunteer initiative of a group of Molson employees who earlier this morning prepared boxed lunches for L'Itinéraire delivery persons and homeless individuals in the area.

Molson has elected to lend support to an important community organization of its neighbourhood. L'Itinéraire's mission is to boost self-reliance and promote personal and social development among individuals experiencing difficulties associated with poverty and homelessness. Although the face of homelessness is fast evolving in Montreal, one aspect remains unchanged: homelessness is the product of a combination of singular lifestyle choices and social dynamics which together lead to poverty and exclusion.

"Sensitive to the cause of homelessness and loyal to a longstanding tradition of charitable giving, Molson believes in the importance of building healthy, vibrant communities in which young adults can grow and prosper. It is in this spirit that Molson is proud to support L'Itinéraire, an active force in the neighbouring community," explained Monique Dépatie, Manager, Community Relations. "I also wish to thank the team of Molson volunteers who, in a demonstrated gesture of solidarity, have given generously of their time."

The donation in an amount of $20 000 comes from the Molson Donations Fund and will serve to finance the setup of a video sound stage for magDVD Le 3e Oil, an audiovisual supplement to L'Itinéraire magazine, the offices of which are located in close proximity to the Molson brewery. "This project will enable some forty or so participants to develop video production and journalism skills which may put some on a path to other opportunities which could ultimately help them reintegrate into society," pointed out Serge Lareault, General Manager of L'itinéraire. "A huge thanks to Molson and Molson employees for their contribution and support."

Thanks to the support of partners such as Molson, L'itinéraire comes to the aid of over 2000 persons each year. Some 30 000 meals are served at Café sur la rue, 350 delivery persons sell copies of L'itinéraire on the streets of Montreal, and over 100 jobs in social and vocational reintegration are created.

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