Molson Canada

Molson Canada

May 19, 2005 14:24 ET

Molson Offers Canadians Sharing the Road with Trucks Driving Tips

Attention: Automotive Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Media Editor, Photo Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO-- May 19, 2005 - As we officially kick off the summer with May 24 weekend, Ontario's roads will meet an influx of vehicles including passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks. What many drivers don't know is that commercial vehicles can weigh 40 times more than an average car and require at least twice the distance to stop. Keeping this in mind, Molson Canada offers the following tips on sharing the road with large trucks and commercial vehicles as we head outdoors for the weekend.

1. Keep your distance

- Tailgating is dangerous -- leave a gap of at least three seconds between your vehicle and the truck in front of you

2. Avoid cutting in front of trucks or braking suddenly in front of them

- Remember, trucks require at least twice the distance of cars to stop

3. Pass a truck with caution

- When passing a truck, do it safely -- signal, and pass promptly. Be prepared to encounter splash and spray on wet roads, which can impair vision

4. Always pass on the left side of the truck, never on the right

- Move quickly when in the driver's blind spot and remember you need to see the truck's mirrors in order for the truck driver to see you

5. Try to keep the centre lane open

- The centre lane is the trucker's passing lane. On many major roadways transport trucks are forbidden from using the far left lane and rely on the centre lane to pass. If you travel in the centre lane be sure you are traveling at the posted speed limit

6. Watch out for air turbulence and make a wide sweep when passing a truck

- Making a wide sweep helps you reduce the effect of air turbulence created by the truck and gives you a margin of safety if the truck sways outside of its lane while you pass

7. Give turning trucks lots of room

- Turning trucks need a lot of room and will sometimes swing wide to the left or right to maneuver safely

8. When following a truck at night, dim your headlights

- Bright lights will blind the driver of the large vehicle when they reflect off of the large side mirrors

9. Watch trucks to alert you to traffic conditions

- If a truck slows down, chances are there may be trouble up ahead. Remember, truck drivers have a bird's eye view of the road in their elevated cab

10. Be patient and courteous

- Don't let stress and frustrations get the best of you while driving and do not drive when angry, overtired, or upset. Allow extra time to get to your destination IN: AUTOMOTIVE, FOOD, TRANSPORT, TRAVEL

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