Molson Canada

Molson Canada

May 05, 2005 23:59 ET

Molson's Montreal brewery to produce Coors' Blue Moon brand for US market: New volume will drive a $2 million investment in Montreal brewery

MONTREAL, Quebec, May 5 - As part of the synergy initiative
put in place following the Molson-Coors merger, Molson announced today the
start of production of Blue Moon beer for the US market from its Montreal
brewery as of May 2005. This additional volume will bring a CAN $2 million
investment in upgrades to its brewing facilities in Montreal.

"The Molson-Coors merger will translate into very interesting
opportunities for the Canadian breweries and their employees," said Daniel
Pelland, Chief Brewing Officer for Molson Canada. "This transfer of Blue Moon
volume to the Montreal brewery is the first phase of a larger plan to move
more volume to our Canadian breweries."

Blue Moon production in Montreal is scheduled to start at the end of May
2005. Draught Blue Moon produced in Montreal will be in addition to the
current Memphis brewery production volume. This additional volume is required
as a result of the fast-paced growth of the brand in the US market and the
additional volume required for this summer.

"This volume transfer to the Montreal brewery is great news for our
members," said Guy Deslauriers, spokesperson for Molson's employee union. "We
are pleased to experience first-hand the positive impact of the Molson-Coors

Due for completion in May 2005, the planned Montreal brewery improvements
will increase the plant's productivity and efficiency. The investment includes
the addition of state-of-the-art technology to the plant's brewing operations,
which will allow for the production of this specialty beer and handling of its
exclusive ingredients and spices.

Blue Moon is an unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition for
an uncommonly smooth taste. Gold medalist (white beer) at 1995 World Beer
Championships, silver medalist (white beer) at 1996 and 1997 World Beer
Championships, Blue Moon is becoming increasingly popular throughout the
United States. Putting a new twist on the lime ritual, Blue Moon is
traditionally served with a slice of orange.

About Molson Canada:

With roots dating back to 1786 and a time-honoured tradition of brewing
quality beers, Molson Canada is proud to be the nation's preferred brewer. The
company proudly offers the most popular brands in Canada with an award-winning
brand portfolio which includes, Molson Canadian, Coors Light, Molson Export,
Molson Dry, Rickard's, and A Marca Bavaria. Molson Canada also partners with
other leading brewers to offer such global brands as, Heineken, Corona, Miller
Genuine Draft and Foster's Lager. Molson employs 3,100 Canadians, operates six
breweries, including the boutique brewery Creemore, and invests in communities
from coast-to-coast through its various charitable initiatives and sports and
entertainment sponsorships. Molson Canada is part of the Molson Coors Brewing
Company, the world's fifth largest brewer.

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