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Momentum Dynamics Corporation

October 24, 2013 11:36 ET

Momentum Dynamics Corporation: Game-Changing Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Commercialization to Begin in 2014

MALVERN, PA--(Marketwired - October 24, 2013) - Momentum Dynamics Corporation, the leader in wireless charging for commercial electric vehicles (EV), announced today it is prepared for full commercialization of its high-powered inductive charging system in 2014. The technology stands to transform the EV industry by increasing EV sales through automatic opportunity charging. 

The company's breakthrough inductive charging system will be sold under the Momentum™ Charger brand. The new Momentum™ Charger is the most powerful, adaptable, and affordable wireless charging technology available today.

The company was founded in 2009 by former NASA consultant Andy Daga, the company's chairman and CEO. According to Daga, "Our patent-pending technology is exceeding the expectations of industry analysts and is setting the industry standard in terms of technical capability and cost. The ability to deliver high power to multiple classes of vehicles reliably and automatically is transformational. Wireless charging presents a value proposition that is essential to accelerate the sale and use of electric vehicles."

Working with support from Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT), the company has delivered the first of two all-electric community paratransit buses for evaluation and use by a Pennsylvania regional transportation authority. The second bus will be delivered in November. The two new electric buses are repowered 2013 Ford E-450 vehicles, each equipped with 100 kWh of batteries. The wireless charger supplied by Momentum ensures that each bus is charged automatically in any weather. Both vehicles will have the Momentum Charger trademark.

The use of inexpensive electricity has been shown to reduce fuel costs by more than 80% over the standard V10 internal combustion engine that is normally supplied as original equipment on these buses. Additional savings from substantial reductions in maintenance and replacement parts will further reduce operating expenses. And because the vehicles are 100% electric, they produce no tailpipe emissions. 

Momentum said it is distinguishing itself from others in the wireless charging space in three essential ways: power, performance, and price.

The first advantage is power, where the Momentum Charger is able to deliver faster charging. It can transfer 25kW and higher across a 12" air gap. This level of power is 8 times more powerful than standard electric vehicle plug-in chargers.

The second area of Momentum's advantage is performance. The Momentum Charging system is intelligent, meaning it can recognize and respond to any type of battery and any vehicle. It is immune to the worst weather and can transmit electricity through puddles of water and inches of ice to automatically recharge the vehicle. This level of usability allows a driver to simply park over an in-ground or road-surface mounted charging pad. With a Momentum™ Receiver installed along the underside of the vehicle, the hardware and software establish a wireless data and power link to communicate and complete the appropriate charging routine. 

According to Momentum Dynamics' Chief Scientist, Dr. Bruce Long, "We recognized from the outset that commercial EVs would require more power than today's passenger EVs, so we concentrated on a delivery system that could safely achieve these high power levels. In the bargain, we also solved one of the biggest problems facing future electric cars -- the need for faster EV charging."

From the perspective of commercial fleet operators who are concerned about lifecycle cost, high power wireless charging will allow them to gain the double advantage of lower fuel costs and far lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of a vehicle. The anticipated acquisition cost for the wireless charging technology from Momentum will be comparable or lower than that of today's most powerful off-board plug-in chargers. This will provide an inductive charging rate equivalent to high power Level III chargers, but with far lower overall costs.

Momentum Dynamics will continue to accelerate its technology to meet the higher-power requirements for the full spectrum of commercial fleet operators and other potential customers. With higher power levels, and an increase in the number of Momentum's product offerings, the company said it is ready for full commercialization in 2014 in the commercial fleet space.

Said Daga, "We are excited to demonstrate to the world our proven game-changing wireless charging capabilities and our other wireless technological advancements."

About Momentum Dynamics Corporation:
Momentum Dynamics is an advanced electronics company committed to innovating the technology, and the business structures for wireless charging for the transportation industry. The company was formed in 2009 and has specialized in high-power wireless charging using resonant magnetic induction to transfer tens of thousands of watts of power without a direct conductive connection. The Momentum Dynamics team is composed of experienced business executives and former U.S. defense and space technology engineers.

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