April 05, 2005 10:30 ET


Attention: Assignment Editor, Health/Medical Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor MONTRÉAL--(CCNMatthews - April 5, 2005) - MONCHOIX.CA, a national online association dedicated to defending the rights of adult smokers, today announced the official launch of its Quebec section. Nancy Daigneault, president of MONCHOIX.CA, also announced the appointment of Ms. Arminda Mota as vice president of the organization in Quebec.

Launched officially in Ontario only six months ago, MONCHOIX.CA already has 16,000 registered members, of which more than 700 are from Quebec.

"Quebec's adult smokers now have an efficient and effective vehicle for making their voices heard and for influencing policies, laws and rules that have a direct impact on them" explained Ms. Daigneault.

Ms. Mota highlighted the fact that the Government of Quebec is preparing to submit a draft bill that would make its 1998 Tobacco Law even stricter. As an example, she cited the likelihood that the government would ban smoking outdoors within nine metres (30 feet) of a public or workplace doorway. Ms. Mota advocates the use of a more constructive approach, because "increasing awareness and persuading people is more effective than prohibiting and restricting behaviours."

Start-up funding from the Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council enabled MONCHOIX.CA to launch today both a major advertising campaign and the Quebec section of its website WWW.MONCHOIX.CA. This free and interactive site features pertinent and useful information on a broad range of topics that concern adult smokers; however, it does not promote smoking or the abolishment of tobacco legislation and laws. "MONCHOIX.CA belongs to its members. It is and will continue to be independent of the tobacco industry. Our positions and opinions will be those of our members," confirmed Ms. Mota.

Ms. Mota expressed the hope that "all of Quebec's adult smokers will join MONCHOIX.CA, a strong and powerful collective voice that ensures its members' opinions are heard by the Government of Quebec, which is preparing to adopt increasingly strict laws that will have a major impact on our daily lives."

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