March 07, 2011 13:46 ET

Monday PM Hits: Ford Motor Co., Western Digital Corp., Bank of America, Petrobras, Citigroup Inc., Exxon Mobil Corp., BP plc. and Kunekt Corp.

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StockMarketLife Alerts investors to the following issues: Citigroup Inc.(C), Bank of America(BAC), Ford Motor Co.(F), General Electric Co.(GE), Pfizer Inc.(PFE), Sprint Nextel Corp.(S), Western Digital Media Corp.(WDC), BP plc.(BP), JP Morgan Chase & Co.(JPM), Alcatel-Lucent(ALU), Exxon Mobil Corp.(XOM), Petrobras(PBR), Net Savings Link Inc.(CXLT) and Kunekt Corp.(KNKT).

What's Next for Kunekt Corporation?

- Will this aspiring developer of affordable mobile devices based on Google's Android establish a foothold in the billion-dollar mobile market?

- Is Kunekt's focus on emerging markets such as China, India and Russia the right decision for the company at this time?

- Can Kunekt maintain its current share price and break through to higher levels in the near term?

StockMarketLife is preparing a free independent research bulletin on Kunekt Corporation.

This comprehensive report will include analysis of a wide range of key investment factors, including management strength, sales and earnings, revenue model, share structure and short positions.

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