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November 19, 2012 09:06 ET

Money From Structured Settlements Is Not Always Available, According to Experts at Einstein Structured Funding

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 19, 2012) - There's a dirty secret to structured settlements for lawsuits and insurance personal injury claims that neither insurance companies nor lawyers want the public to find out. In many cases, injured persons will only receive a fraction of a settlement and they'll have to wait years to receive it unless they receive the help of a structured funding company like Einstein Structured Settlements LLC.

Insurance companies like to settle lawsuits and claims with a device called a structured settlement. In a structured settlement, the insurer (Defendent) purchases an annuity from the victim. The annuity is a mechanism that makes payments to the injured party on a regular basis over a number of years. The problem with the annuity is that the payments from it are usually a small fraction of the settlement.

The reason insurers like to use annuities for structured settlements is because they only have to pay out a small percentage of the funds owed. Such annuity settlements can sometimes be a good deal for the victim, but there are cases in which they can be a lousy deal. Annuities can be a good deal because they are tax deferred; no income tax is due on them until they pay out. The problem is annuity payments can increase the overall annual income and income tax bill for an individual.

There are also many cases in which an annuity is a bad deal for an accident victim. One example is of a 75-year-old Florida woman who was awarded a guaranteed income of $1,400 a month, instead of lump sum payment of $425,000, through an annuity. It is unlikely the woman would have lived to collect all the money. She would have been better off with a lump sum.

So what can an injured person who doesn't want to take the annuity payments do? That person can turn to Einstein Structured Settlements, which can immediately provide them with a lump sum of cash for their structured settlement. Einstein will buy the annuity from that person for cash.

Situations also change. An individual might want a lump sum of money right now to purchase a home, start a business, pay off a mortgage or send their children to college. The annuity may not allow for that, but a lump sum cash payment from providers like Einstein structured funding can.

Completely Hassle Free
A person that contacts Einstein is under no obligation to take the amount offered. Einstein can provide a free quote to help determine whether it is more advantageous to take the lump sum or continue with the annuity payments. Unlike the insurance companies and the lawyers, companies like Einstein allow clients to make well informed decisions.

To get funding interested parties can contact Einstein Structured Settlements for help selling an annuity online or at 1-888-497-0724. Those who contact Einstein are under no obligation to sell their annuity. Instead, Einstein will simply educate interested parties on how much cash they can get.

There's no reason to let an insurance company or its lawyers dictate how much money is received for a settlement. Take control of the process right now and stop having issues selling annuities. It should be comforting to know that working with a structured settlement or funding company is still the best opportunity. Contact Einstein Structured Settlements today for a free quote.

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