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Money Magazine Canada-Special Edition-Canadian Money Magazine

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 21, 2014) -

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MONEY Magazine Video release pumps up the volume and intensity in the new Money Video along with the amount of pages for the next Special Edition of MONEY. Learn more about this Special Edition Canadian Money Magazine available in specialty stores and throughout Canada at Chapters - Indigo locations also the next edition on shelves at Smith Books and Coles. What is the MONEY Magazine all about? Money Canada Limited along with the MONEY.CA and Money Media go to great lengths to attract and retain the exact target market. The Canadian financial market place is quite fierce and competitive. The quarterly Money Magazine and the monthly Money Newsletter along with a high-quality video library make up the essence of exclusive Money Membership.

The average Canadian wants and needs to know faster to make better more informed decisions. Me and My Money and You and Your Money blogs have a great roster of fine Canadian financial authors, writers and bloggers dedicated to MONEY and financial literacy. Each writer has a specialty in any of the 10 most important core areas of financial services.

MONEY.CA® is the online investment destination place for the average Canadian and home of Money Magazine Canada.

The premise is always news, reviews and interviews and the usual benefits make sense and pays dividends.

Top Financial Authors and Writers for 'Me and My Money' and 'You and Your Money' include: Heather Phillips, Darren V. Long, Camillo Lento, Becky Wong, Ian Burns, Ed Olkovich and more contributors along with Senior Editor Ian R. Whiting.

Titles and Headlines:
A personal vies of Financial Planning
Money Illusion
Tablets vs. Laptops
Money Tips for 2014
The Canadian Dollar

Regular Features:

Investment Marketplace, Best Rate Around, Media Release - Mutual Fund Review - The Social Currency, The Advisor Channel and The MONEY Book Review and a top quality and in-depth corporate introspect or high-profile personal interview. Related Topics: money, politics, making money, rrsp, filing financial complaints and more.

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Investments-Insurance-Mortgages-Tax-Trust and Estate Planning-Credit and Savings-Real Estate-Business-Finance

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