February 11, 2015 02:22 ET

MONEY.CA and Money Magazine-Media Release: News for Money Video Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 11, 2015) -

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Media Release and News for the quarterly Money Magazine Video Release simple music and custom images best describe the content in a well-produced video that showcases the print and electronic versions of the current issue of Money Magazine through this excellent Money Video production. Learn more about the top branded Canadian Money Magazine that is available at fine retail establishments throughout Canada and also at Chapters - Indigo - Smith Books and Cole's Stores and Locations.

MONEY.CA online - Money Magazine and Money Media go to great lengths to attract and retain the exact target market with quality articles, information and market insight. The quarterly Money Magazine and the monthly Money Newsletter along with a high-quality video library powered by The Canadian Press and The MONEY Show help educate, entertain and inform a fast growing, average Canadian subscriber group that expects more from MONEY print - online and video.

Top Canadian financial authors, writers and bloggers that contribute to 'You and Your Money' and Money Magazine include: Robert Gignac, Tom Drake, Jim Yih, Malvin Spooner, Tammy Johnston, Anita Saulite, Debbie Hartzman, Guy Ward, Steve Nyvik, Tahnya Kristina, Pat Bolland, Don Shaughnessy, Mark Borkowski, Carey-ann Oestreicher, Peter Lantos, Dean Paley, Lachman Balani, Jonathan Chevreau, Frank Flynn, Greg Powell, Blair MacDougall, Richard Crenian, Jim Ruta, Anita Saulite, Kyle Prevost, Scot Blythe, Gerald Trites, Cynthia Kett with Senior Editor and Head Writer of MONEY online and print publications Ian R. Whiting.

MONEY Magazine: Articles - Titles and Top Headlines:

GIC's, RRSP's and TFSA's - what makes sense for you. A structured way to review your portfolio - And the winner is - Moving Target - Confessions of a CFP - Make Love not Debt - Why you should contribute this RRSP Season, Financial Literacy and Investment - Economy in 2015 Good for buying a home - Financial Literacy in Schools - More than retirement planning- Taxes - Leading a company through market cycles - Kick start your life today - Lower gas prices means bigger TFSA savings - The 2 letter 4 letter word - Noise, Financial Literacy and a plan - RRSP Season Again? And more.

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Investment Marketplace - Best Rate Around - Media Release - Mutual Fund Review - The Social Currency - The Advisor's Channel - The MONEY Book Review along with other top news, reviews and interviews. Related Topics: money, new financial products, rates, returns, rankings and more.

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