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MONEY.CA Front Page News for Financial Advertising and Financial Services Marketing

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 31, 2014) -

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MONEY.CA a niche Canadian money, personal finance and news site makes front-page news on yahoo, google, bing, youtube and dominates social media. An example and important lesson financial companies can't afford to miss and need to take advantage of to meet and exceed expected results.

Financial advertising, marketing and sales is big business and financial companies need to learn more about the next level of online sales, marketing and reputation management.

It's not just about return on investment. Customers, investors and the general public have seen and heard it all before. Good smart companies are still in business but the status quo is no longer the main line of business. Differentiation, honesty and integrity are the key differentiators alongside obsessive customer service are necessary to maintain and grow market share.

Financial company executives are left in charge of marketing, sales and reputation management. In this brave new online and social media world decision makers need extra help, insight and intelligence that makes sense and pays dividends.

Knowing, understanding and catering to the needs of your exact target market are what we do best. The MONEY Vertical is an endearing term that allows the message to be translated in to different mediums. Customer Service and Investor Relations are equal and integral elements decision makers are responsible for in the realm of financial marketing and sales; executives must grasp new ways of doing business in an old, established and traditional marketplace.

Our 5-pronged marketing attack is not a mystery. By using tested and true conventional methods along with the latest and greatest methods of attracting and retaining customers goes a long way in value for money services.

ONLINE - PRINT - MEDIA - VIDEO - SOCIAL MEDIA "go to where your customer will be".

Financial Advertising by example is just one of the many properties and concepts we own that represent online destination places that best demonstrate exactly what it is we do and what it is you were in fact looking for.

Learn more about financial services advertising, marketing and sales; learn more about financial branding, reputation management, reputation marketing and investor relations. MONEY invites you to be a special guest and V.I.P. MONEY Member with discount access to the next prestigious Canadian Financial Services Marketing Symposium.

Call us at our toll-free financial call centre number to learn more. The number is easy to remember and hard to forget 1-800-789-1011. Email

Money Magazine has been available at Chapters and Indigo since 2009 - MONEY is now available at Smith Books, Coles stores and other fine retail establishments across Canada.

Financial Literacy is an important; help us continually do the right thing for all the right reasons. Please buy, read and enjoy Money Magazine in print and online and please help advertise, market and promote this important subject matter for all the right reasons.

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