October 31, 2014 09:00 ET

MONEY.CA - Money Magazine: Big Banks Profit and GIC Industry Secrets Revealed

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Oct. 31, 2014) -

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MONEY Magazine: Media Release and News for the quarterly Money Magazine Video Release an intense upbeat riff with custom images and previews best describe the content in a well produced, to the point Money Video. Buy now and learn more, this top branded Canadian Money Magazine is available at fine retail establishments throughout Canada and also at Chapters, Indigo locations, Smith Books and Cole Stores. What is the MONEY Magazine all about? Money Canada Limited along with the MONEY.CA and Money Media go to great lengths to attract and retain the exact target market. The quarterly Money Magazine and the monthly Money Newsletter along with a high-quality video library give value for money to a fast growing subscriber group that expects more.

All of our news, reports, information and data come from the best independent and most trusted sources with a roster of professionals dedicated to MONEY. Each individual published writer has a specialty in any one of the 12 most important core areas of financial services.

MONEY covers business, finance, and personal finance with a complete focus and dedication to relevant and newsworthy articles. The premise is always news, reviews and interviews where the benefits and advantages of engaging make sense and pays dividends.

Top Canadian Financial Authors and Writers for MONEY.CA - 'Me and My Money' and 'You and Your Money' include: Robert Gignac, Gail Bebee, Tom Drake, Jim Yih, Malvin Spooner, Tammy Johnston, Anita Saulite, Debbie Hartzman, Ami Maishlish with Senior Editor and Writer of MONEY Ian R. Whiting.

MONEY Articles, Titles and Top Headlines:

The Big Banks

GIC Secrets Revealed

7 Habits of a Happy Retirement

The Wills Lawyers - Book Review

Why so much ado about Interest Rates

The Generation that can't say No

Why Women and Investors Love Diamonds

Regular Features:

Investment Marketplace, Best Rate Around, Media Release, The Mutual Fund Review, The Social Currency, The Advisor's Channel and The MONEY Book Review and other top quality and in-depth corporate introspect or high-profile personal interviews. Related Topics: money, financial products, rates, returns and rankings and more.

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