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May 16, 2008 06:00 ET

The MoneyMan Says: "The Weak Market Rally Is Over. Here's What to Do Now," an Industrial Info News Alert

SUGAR LAND, TX--(Marketwire - May 16, 2008) - Daniel Frishberg, BizRadio's MoneyMan, asks an intriguing question you'll never hear on financial talking head shows: "Why should you make any moves when the recent stock market is just a pendulum swinging back and forth?"

And here's his wealth-saving answer: "You don't know what is going to happen in the back-and-forth interim, and so the key is that you don't have to always be invested all the time in everything. Sometimes doing nothing is actually doing something. So if you don't have a real good feeling that things are going to be higher in the next two to four weeks, your money belongs in your pocket. The only reason I invest my money is because I have a very strong belief that I am going to get back a lot more than I put in, otherwise I don't take risks. That is how the rich guys do it. That's how the smart people in the BizRadio audience do it, and that's how we're hoping you start to do it.

"Also you should be aware that there may not be any 'good' sectors or companies to hold onto through this pendulum downswing since even the best stuff gets pulled down in a down market. Even if you've got Asian stuff, no matter what you've got, it gets pulled down in a down market, so what is the point? I invest money because I want to make money. I don't have any obligation to keep my money in something. This is not my loyalty, this is not a friend, this is a company. Stock. It's not even a company; it's a piece of paper."

Listen to Mr. Frishberg as he reveals how and when oil and gasoline prices can come back down to Earth. Nothing's impossible. It's just waiting for a slight change in consumers' demand, then "Look out below!"

Dr. Art Laffer and Mr. Frishberg give you free insights and advice that you need to hear so you don't get whacked in the head by the next pendulum swing. Only at and Radio.

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